Kainan's 18th year reign will be stopped by Ryonan and/or Shohoku. Série qui amène à ressentir des émotions comme de la tristesse ou de la tension. Does anybody know if they ever published an artbook for his work on The Last Odyssey? Ayako was surprised seeing Coach Anzai since he just got released from the hospital. 9 comments. Ito tells them that they are overdoing it. You might also be interested in these items : Tags: 10 days after, comic, exhibition, inoue takehiko, Manga/comics, slam dunk.

Masashi looks up and wondering if Sawakita is up in the sky. L'un de mes meilleurs nouveau scan a decouvrir , Un Régales ! (below) Sakuragi’s favourite line – “Because I’m a genius”. They told him they can handle themselves but Uzoumi insisted and asks them where is their new captain Sendoh. The reproductions of the chalkboard drawings (see above) however, are crisp and make for easy reading. Privacy (Verse une larme), Merci beaucoup pour ce nouveau chapitre ❤. SlamDunk is the best Manga ever. “Slam Dunk – 10 Days After” was a unique manga project undertaken by Inoue Takehiko ( Slam Dunk, Vagabond ) in late 2004 as a token of appreciation and thanks to Slam Dunk readers. I cant wait to see the sequels.. Thanks for replying to my slightly off-topic question! MyAnimeList.net is a property of MyAnimeList Co.,Ltd. (just like many US movie dvds are labelled “Special Collector’s edition”, when there’s nothing remotely special about them.). The exhibition venue was an old and idyllic high school campus located in Kanagawa Prefecture – each blackboard represented a page worth of manga and visitors had to work their way through quite a few classrooms. One of the members lighten the dark mood everyone has. All of them are shocked and Uzoumi decides to replace his position until he gets back. 276 - Shohoku High School Basketball Team, Vol. Slam Dunk Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. share. Excuse me for my bad english, Y from argentina.

I must have been too caught up with my Japanese language studies back in 2004 to know of this exhibition, or I would have visited it for sure – which Slam Dunk fan won’t ? Rukawa will be recruited by universities as he achieved his coach's challenge of being the #1 high school player in Japan. Her two friends saw her reading it and wonder who it is from. But then they argue as Taoka asks who is going to be the coach. A friend of mine revived this slam dunk fanatism and began to look for the manga here in mexico, we achieved to get it and the complete episodes of the anime also, not until 2005 we watched everyting. Takato and Taoka are in the restaurant having a chat. Akagi and Kogore are in lessons.

And who would your favourite Slam Dunk character be ? Last update chap.

But he decides to try to be a demon captain. Évoque une histoire d'amour entre deux personnages. The top resource for anime and Japanese art book reviews. :]. All of them are still the same old them lol. It is Maki and they told to themselves they know now the reason why he has dark skin. i read somewhere back then in the 90s, basketball wasn’t a popular sport in japan.

Manga. The top resource for anime and Japanese art book reviews. FAQ The epilogue, along with coverage of the event, was reprinted in the February 2005 issue of Switch magazine. English transcripts for all the dialogue !

1 Plot 1.1 Shohoku 1.2 Shoyo 1.3 Ryonan 1.4 Kainan 1.5 Sannoh 1.6 Sakuragi and his Friends Haruko is reading Sakuragi's returned letter. Titles Updates Search Featured Random Add. Earlier this year I posted an article on Inoue Takehiko’s special Slam Dunk Exhibition – “10 Days After”, a short continuation of his Slam Dunk manga after the final book 31. - In 1995 Slam Dunk received the 40th Shogakukan Manga Award for shounen. They tease each other to do the same.

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As they reached the gym, it's already open and someone is practicing. i can’t wait if there would really be a part two of the slamdunk but there maybe a big diffrence now from the first part because akagi and kogure are now graduating and my big question is that sakuragi will always be as funny as ever and does sakuragi ang haruku will become lovers and what would happen to rukawa is he and sakuragi will become a rival as always? Miyagi on the other hand is not in his class as he is called by his teacher. He left alone and talking about what might be the current situation in the gym. You can use left or right keyboard arrow keys to go to the back or next page. ). Sendoh is fishing somewhere and his team went to pick him, Uzoumi spoils him and tells him if he likes fish so much he will be the captain again of the team. Shoyo is seen training for the Winter Invitational Tournament, but with some striking changes. Any pointers?

The ever popular comic had achieved a monumental feat of sales totally more than a hundred million copies – that’s a lot of Slam Dunk comics. 6:00 am, Ayako and Coach Anzai met when they're jogging. Press Room Where can i read Slam Dunk : 10 Days After? Slam Dunk fans will recall at the end of book 31 after the triumphant match against Sanno that the various team members of Shohoku went on their own separate ways – this is well, the continuation of their stories ten days after. Looks really great. Hanagata has changed his glasses, Hazegawa has got rid of his spiky hair, and Takano and Nagano have shaved off their eyebrows.


(above) Sketches of the charaters that you can use as posters. an article on Inoue Takehiko’s special Slam Dunk Exhibition – “10 Days After”, “Slam Dunk – 10 Days After” making of dvd”. im from indonesia, lots of indonesians play basketball bcos of “SlamDunk”.. Kogore noticed his unusual actions. thank you TAKEHIKO INOUE for create this serie. Buy From Amazon.com | Buy From Amazon CA | Buy From Amazon UK. I don’t really know much artists who has that level of draftsmanship with chalk, considering they’re all crisp, minimal linework and of a realistic tone. He didn't manage to answer and in his mind, he wants to continue playing. Et elle se promet de sauver toute sa famille. Characters from the manga Slam Dunk: 10 Days After on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest manga database. It takes dedication and discipline to be the best, and the Shohoku High hoops team wants to be just that. Where can i read Slam Dunk : 10 Days After? Rukawa will be recruited by universities as he achieved his coach's … But he said it is the doctors advice to lose some weight. I really love Slam Dunk the best basketball manga Whoa!!! Hikoichi worries in the atmosphere because Sendoh is not there. Now i get two copys of this great book, i hope i can give it to her very soon. In mexico was transmited in 1995 in broadcast TV i think, but only until the game with shoyo… buu! Although the contents of this short story was release in the form of a cardboard set a few years ago, it sold out almost immediately and … Slam Dunk 10 Days After – The Complete Edition Book Review. 245 - Overcome the Doubt in Your Heart. ;o), john – Wow, you are a big fan ! Ayako mentioned she is losing some weight too. Please note, that not every report is actionable.

(101 anime chapters and here in america 31 manga volumes). (above) Sakuragi’s “The Complete Edition” (完全版 – pronounced “Karn-zen-barn”) seal of approval. They have one last year to make their captain's dream of reaching the finals come true--will they do it? Tout ce qui implique la magie, le monde des rêves et des fées.

You might also be interested in these items : Tags: 10 days after, art book review, exhibition, Illustration, inoue takehiko, Japanese art book, Manga/comics, slam dunk, スイッチ2005年2月号, スラムダンク、あれから10日後, 井上雄彦.