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The corpse—someone has just given it burial and disappeared after sprinkling thirsty dust on the flesh and performing the other rites that piety demands. And so the gods no more accept prayer and sacrifice at our hands, |1020 or the burning of thigh-meat, nor does any bird sound out clear signs [eusēmoi, from sēma] in its shrill cries, for they have tasted the fatness of a slain man’s blood. From the very first |290 certain men of the polis were chafing at this edict and muttering against me, tossing their heads in secret, and they did not keep their necks duly [dikaios, adv.] Her whole family has lived for generations with a curse in their lineage from their founder’s slaying of a dragon.

Guard He who did it hurts your phrenes, but I, the ears. Creon |1105 Ah, it is a struggle, but I depart from my heart’s resolve and obey. Creon, as head of state and lawgiver in Thebes, believes in obedience to man-made laws. Creon Then because of this her guards will have reason to lament their slowness. Teiresias Lords of Thebes, we have come on a shared journey, two scouting the way by the eyes of one. Teiresias Realize that once more now you are poised on fortune’s razor-edge. First, the gods, after tossing the fate of our polis on wild waves, have once more righted it. The stone tomb also symbolizes Creon’s poor judgment. Creon |1095 I, too, know it well, and my phrenes are troubled. judgment concerning your betrothed, you have come raging with lussa [wolf-like rage] against your father? How can I deny that this girl is Antigone? Ah this guilt [aitiā] can never be fastened onto any other mortal so as to remove my own! How Long Does IT Take To Get a PhD in Law? Immediately she took thirsty dust in her hands |430 and from a pitcher of beaten bronze held high she crowned the dead with thrice-poured libations. You will be far more hated for your silence, if you fail to proclaim these things to everyone. Is that plain and sufficient proof? You will kill your own son’s bride? But if there is no joy |1170 along with all of that, I would not pay even the shadow of smoke for all the rest, compared with joy. It is better [kratos, adj.] O harbor of Hādēs, hard to purify! By SophoclesTranslation of R. C. Jebb Revised by Pierre Habel and Gregory Nagy Newly revised by the Hour 25 Antigone Team (Brian Prescott-Decie, Jacqui Donlon, Jessica Eichelburg, Claudia Filos, Sarah Scott). Never, then, my son, go reject your phrenes for pleasure on account of a woman, |650 knowing that this embrace soon becomes cold and brittle—an evil [kakē] woman to share your bed and home. The stone tomb, rather than death by stoning symbolizes that Creon is trying to invert the order of nature in defying the gods and putting his laws above the laws of the gods. What is this you report to me |1290 Alas, alas! Try refreshing the page, or contact customer support. The next word, for which Jebb suggests “unmourned”, is known only in this context, but the verb generally appears to mean bury with honors. Get access risk-free for 30 days, And 'tis thy counsel that hath brought this sickness on our State.''. ''Thou hast thrust children of the sunlight to the shades, and ruthlessly lodged a living soul in the grave; but keepest in this world one who belongs to the gods infernal, a corpse unburied, unhonoured, all unhallowed.'' Money represents the greed that Creon believes drives people to disobey him. How Is Coronavirus Affecting College Admissions?

are many, and none is more wonderful / terrible [deinon] than man. The tomb could also be seen as symbolic of Antigone's forsaking worldly laws and cares (marriage, for instance) in order to remain true to a more spiritual world, where honor and loyalty are of more importance. Creon What! It was public. Ismene Poor sister, if things have come to this, what would I profit |40 by loosening or tightening this knot?

Her fate reminds Antigone of Niobe, whose unending tears flowed even after she was turned to stone for bragging about her children. And yet, how could I have won a nobler kleos [5] than by giving burial to my own brother? A philē in words is not the type of philē I love.

Live with a tyrant’s [turannos] pomp! Guard Well, may the man be found! -Graham S. The timeline below shows where the symbol Antigone's Tomb appears in, ...enters, and tells the guards to interrupt her lament, to take her away, build a, ...went to bury Polynices. Creon I will take her where the path is deserted, unvisited by men, and entomb her alive in a rocky vault, |775 setting out a ration of food, but only as much as piety requires so that all the polis may escape defilement [miasma]. Eurydice People of Thebes, I heard your words as I was on my way to the gates to address divine Pallas Athena with my prayers. She adds that if Creon should be judged guilty of her death, he should meet the same fate. What does Creon try to convince Antigone to do? Creon And what is it that makes you so disheartened [without thūmos]? Naturally, though, all such things are |440 of less account to me than my own salvation [sōtēriā]. For the seven captains, stationed against an equal number at the seven gates, left behind their brazen arms in tribute [telos, pl.] Creon makes a mistake in sentencing her-and his mistake is condemned, in turn, by the gods-but his position is an understandable one.

Haimon No, not at my side will she die—don’t ever imagine it.