Their partnership dissolves when Dazai suddenly leaves the Mafia, after Oda's death. They didn't find his and his second wife's body till Dazai's birthday. Is this what you wanted? But Dazai could not further know Odasaku - least not from the man himself - because then it would ruin this, ruin this moment in the hotel, potentially ruin Odasaku surviving Dazai (one world, just one world he survived), and so Dazai mentally wrapped the desire in his hand before pulling it up by the roots. This is not only a trait for the fictional character, as the real Osamu Dazai attempted to committed double-suicide with his first wife, Hatsuyo, after it was discovered she committed adultery with his best friend, Zenshiro Kodate. As far as I've seen it hasn't been brought up yet in the series' own story, but it is a nod to the [author Dazai Osamu] (, who made multiple suicide attempts before ending his life. Usually, if in public (sometimes in private too), Dazai can be quite the tease.

Who could ever forget the guy that always tries to find new ways to kill himself? Ryunosuke Akutagawa (; The two of you would go down all the slides and splash around the other toys in the pool. Like I mentioned earlier, he hates the sloppiness of quick kisses and waits until you’re both available. Hope you enjoy! Who's them? If both sides are the same, become a good man. Although the second and third season delves into Dazai's past, there are still a lot of things fans might not know about the suicidal fanatic.

The authors the characters in the series are based on are not only Japanese writers but Americans such as Margaret Mitchell, who wrote Gone With The Wind, or Russians such as Fyodor Dostoevsky, who wrote Crime and Punishment. The suicidal mania smiled back, nodding in agreement. Dazai then tries to change the subject by continue flirting with her, saying that her ‘vitality is blinding’, unfortunately his tricks didn’t quite work this time. I have a feeling he’d accidentally let it slip when drunk.

Other members of the port mafia often remarked that it was odd that the lowest ranking member was friends with an executive. He’s a surprisingly good listener, not interrupting with useless comments and focusing intently only on you. He’d be giving you constant hugs while listening to you talk about the nightmare. There is reference to cutting. Can I request Dazai, Kunikida, Chuuya and Atsushi when their s/o has an awful nightmare and wakes up on the verge of tears all disheveled and terrified and how they'd try to calm their s/o down and such? I have an interview!! You’d try to get him to stop, but he’d only hug you in a way that shifts all his weight onto you, not allowing you to leave and pout. I’ve said this like a million times, but I genuinely believe that Dazai isn’t really the jealous type.

But after a while, he will get moody. His immediate thought is that you’re hurt, so when he realizes it’s just a nightmare, he relaxes a bit.

Like talking about what the two of you would do together and how he could make you happy. Hottest bitch, let’s be honest. :). His suspicion over her was proven right as Higuchi revealed her true identity as a member of the notorious underground organization, Port Mafia, after leading Atsushi, Tanizaki, and his sister, into a trap. Although he had an entire speech written out, he couldn’t help but stumble on his words (aka stuttering like crazy). The autobiographical nexus, wherein the events of his life serve both directly and indirectly as the source if not the very medium of his writing, comes to be defined more and more by an association of love, politics, literature, and death. Please consider turning it on! As Oda lay dying he says "Be on the side that saves people. Dazai would sigh heavily and then sinks into a nearby chair. As if all his hidden emotions were running wild. Honestly, I have this little headcanon that if Dazai found someone he truly loved, he wouldn’t want to commit suicide with them.

Poor Kunikida would probably faint from this. He literally can’t swim for jack, claiming whenever he’s in water he never bothered to swim, just sink. This is one of the few moments Dazai loses his cool, and he apologizes and says he is just worried about you. He would attack you with surprise cuddles, kisses, and hugs. No matter how much you try to convince him, he won’t get in… until you push him in. Could u write a scenario with Dazai, Ranpo, and Chuuya where their s/o gets a injury during a mission (nothing too life threatening)and they don't tell the above mentioned about it and the boys find out from a third person asking about how their s/o is?

There’s a man who keeps coming to your cove and you think he wants to die. Ranpo immediately understood, looking back up to Dazai as he confirmed. During The Dark Era, it is revealed that the reason Dazai left the port mafia was because of Oda. This is one of the reasons why Chuuya hates Dazai so much. The interactions between Dazai and Fyodor are linked to their past with one another. When you finally catch him, you lock the door and refuse to allow him to leave until you’ve both talked. So, of course, there are many experimental mistakes (as we see it) Dazai makes. But Dazai Osamu is probably the only one who is more than happy to oblige if someone were to tell him to kill himself. She now works for Valnet, Inc, writing anime lists on Comic Book Resources, writing about television on Screenrant, as well as editing as a Junior Editor. Why he is so amazed and obsessed about committing suicide, and many more mysterious the series has yet to reveal?