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His has been nominated for numerous awards, such as, Artiste of the Year, Album of the Year, Best Rap Single, MTV Africa Music Awards 2014, “Best Hip Hop” and Best Rap Album, among many others. What makes a Guinness World Records title? He’s a very fast rapper and is versatile as well. G-Dragon is able to spit emotional lyrics at a rapid pace, making sure fans can feel the pain in his voice as the song talks about a lover leaving him. ‘I would love to be by Regina Daniels side in the labour room’ –... Coronavirus: Runtown receives stimulus payment from US, opt to share with fans. As you listen to it, you will notice it building up slowly and then reaches supersonic speeds while spitting his rhymes. In some cases, he begins slowly and then hits the listener with a rapid pace. All Rights Reserved. He is a tech enthusiast who loves reading, writing and research. The first was in 1992 where he rapped 674 syllables in 54.9 seconds. One of his fastest songs is Dome Split, where he raps at 15.6 syllables per second. Rebel XD once held the record for the fastest rapper in the world, a title he has won three times. Other lyrics that have put him on the map as one of the world’s fastest rappers are Creep Fast and From Da Tip of My Tongue. Falz the bad guy as he is fondly called is a Nigerian rapper whose method of flow is somewhat different from others. The above list is based on the rapper’s mic skills as well as record sales. Zico showed off his rapping speed in 2011 with the song "Cocks," a solo track he released outside of Block B. Rapping at 10.13 SPS, Zico dedicates this song to "all his cocks" - the people with no dreams, who are only looking for something in return and to the people with no ambition to chase after what they want. In the third verse of Eminem’s (USA, b. Marshall Mathers III) No.1 single “Godzilla”, the rapper squeezes 225 words into one 30-second segment – that’s a rapid 7.5 words per second! Corporate Social Responsibility activities & fundraising ideas, Community engagement & tourism marketing activities. Top 10 Fastest Rappers in Uganda and their Net Worth In 2020, Prophet Elvis Mbonye Bio – Age, Education, Family, Cars, Net Worth, Full List of Top 10 Richest Pastors in Uganda 2020/2021, Eddy Kenzo Biography, Age, Real Name, Career, Wife, Songs, Net Worth, Juliana Kanyomozi Biography, Age, Education, Baby, Husband, Net Worth, Jose Chameleone Biography – Age, Education, Songs, Wife, Net Worth, Top 10 Richest Media Personalities and Journalists in Uganda 2020/2021, A List of Top 10 Safest Places to Live in Nairobi County 2020/2021, A List of Top 10 Safest Places to Live in Mombasa 2020/2021, How to Install Safaricom Home Fibre, Packages And Prices 2020/2021, Latest and Updated StarTimes Bouquets, Packages and Prices 2020/2021, Updated and Latest GOtv Kenya Packages and Prices 2020, A list of Top 10 Most Marketable TSC Subject Combinations 2020/2021, A List of top 10 Safest Places to Live in Kisumu 2020/2021, A List of Top 10 Safest Places to Live In Kenya 2020/2021, Top 10 Best and Reliable Job Searching Websites in Kenya 2020, A List of Top 10 Best Dating Websites in Kenya 2020/2021, Top 10 Best Cleaning Companies in Kenya 2020/2021, Top 10 Best Website Hosting Companies in Kenya 2020/2021, Njugush Biography, Real Age, Career, Personal Life, Family and Net Worth, Octopizzo Biography, Career, Personal Life, Family and Net Worth, King Kaka Biography, Career, Personal Life, Family and Net Worth, Mr. From his debut, Zelo already let fans know that he can spit bars, and he isn't afraid to … Registered Office: South Quay Building, 77 Marsh Wall, London E14 9SH United Kingdom. YouTuber "Movictoria" revealed who these idols are, measuring how fast they rap by SPS - also known as syllables per second.

A better way of doing so is by rapping at a faster rate than others. Previously, he went at a pace of 7 words per second in the song, All She Wrote. His ability to insert puns, slangs, and insane wordplay into his rap lines make him a king in the industry. If you are a lover of Nigerian music, then you are probably used to listening to Nigerian music, of which rap is a large part. This rookie idol isn't playing any games! Although he has been out of the lime-light for a while, the chocolate city singer is still making waves in the Nigerian music industry. In the song Powered Up, the artist spits up to 28.9 syllables per second. Two of his fastest lyrics are Heated Heavy and Clash of the Titans. See Answer, FIRS Salary Structure in Nigeria: How Much Staff Are Paid (November, 2020), Norway Visa in Nigeria: Cost, Application & Requirements (November, 2020), Responsibilities and Duties of the Government to the People, Jaiz Bank Airtime Recharge Code (New USSD, 2020), Polaris Bank Salary Structure: How Much Staff Earns (2020), TV Presenters’ Salary Structure in Nigeria (2020), Top 10 Best IT Training Institutes in Nigeria (2020). The rapper and producer from Compton, California,... 2.

Like Hyunjin, Han had a chance to show how fast he can rap on their song "TMT." Unluckily, he was a mainstream rapper at that time. All records listed on our website are current and up-to-date. In 1998, he rapped 683 syllables in 54.5 seconds. Much is not heard of sasha p, who was one time the top fastest female rapper in Nigeria before she was toppled by Muna, an ex-beauty queen of Nigeria. Apart from rapping, Phyno also sings which makes him the third fastest rapper in Nigeria 2020. However, this is a complicated question and Eminem may in fact be the fastest rapper in the world.

Throughout the 70s to the 90s, most rap music (beats and verses) were slow. That translates to spitting out 3.32 words per second. Even today, many MCs pick up fast rap because it is not only a better style that resonates with current fans, but it is a way of showcasing skills. During their performance of their song "UH-OH," (G)I-DLE's leader showed off never heard before lyrics and managed to 8.32 SPS.


Known as the king of the streets. He is a versatile rapper who raps in pidgin, Yoruba, and fluent English.

His current net worth is about $600,000. Although he is an Igbo man, he frequently raps in English and  Is very fluent in it. He is the fifth fastest rappers in Nigeria currently this 2020. The record came in 2013 when he released Rap God that packed 1,560 words in a song that is 6 minutes 4 seconds long. The Bavubuka Foundation founder is a member of Bataka squad who raps in Luganda. He has won so many rap battles, and his albums and songs are more culture creators, most becoming common slangs in Nigeria. He is one of Nigeria’s richest rappers, both in terms of material wealth and the depth of his songs. He has had his music style compared to the likes of Jay-Z and even Kanye West. That also translates to an average of 4.28 words per second. Although this consistency does not make him the world's fastest rapper, it only shows the speeds at which he is willing to go when rapping. READ ALSO: List of the wealthiest rappers in the world, Image:, @da_true_rebelxdSource: UGC. 5 photos that have raised speculations. Eminem is one of the fastest rappers in the world. Updated on 26 May, 2020 at 8:31 pm By iPood. Rebel XD is not only one of the fastest rappers in the world, but he is also an extraordinary artist and producer. Wanna know who spits out bars the fastest in K-pop? He also spits out 721 syllables in 51 seconds, roughly translating to 14.13 syllables per second. Tupac. Vector is also on this list because during his time, he won rap battles in Nigeria and even abroad. The average human running speed is 19 mph, while sprinters can run up top speeds of 27 mph, that’s quick.

Most people know Eminem as one of the fastest rappers. Dropping the hottest new music, here are the best rappers of 2020, ranked by fans everywhere.From new 2020 rappers, like young rising stars Roddy Ricch and Lil Nas X, to some of the best hip hop artists of the decade, like Eminem and Drake, all rappers are welcome here as long as they're among the best modern rappers releasing new music in 2020. 7. DaBaby. People see reminisce as the fastest Yoruba rapper just like Da-grin, Olamide and SarIki.

Twista held the Guinness World Record for Fastest Rap MC in 1992. Crucified is a rapper known for performing in the Underground Choppers series. Despite being compared to rappers such as Gravity Omutujju and Ziza Bafana, he claims that people do not know what they are doing since he has practiced speed in rap since his high school days. Some of his hit songs include Kampala, Luga flow and Abawagizi. Here are the 10 fastest rappers in K-pop right now. He is also one of the fastest rappers in the Country. WHAT MAKES A GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS TITLE? 29th Philippines-Korea Cultural Exchange Festival Makes History During Pandemic, Here's Why ITZY Lia is NOT a Lazy Dancer Like What Haters Claim, Do You Know Why Dating Is Complicated In K-pop World? He is also one of Nigeria’s richest rappers. “Godzilla” (2020) smashed the record he set as a guest on Nicki Minaj’s “Majesty” (2018), when he spat out 78 words in 12 seconds (6.5 words per second), which in turn eclipsed his performance on the 2013 hit “Rap God” (97 words in 15 seconds; 6.46 words per second). He overtook the likes of Nigg* raw to attain this position. The world of Hip-Hop has many rappers who try to outdo one another.

The fastest he has ever gone was in Speedom featuring Tech N9ne where he rapped 12.5 syllables per second. TheSleak is one of the fast rising popular news platform online highlighting the entertainment.

Over the years, the rapper that has been consistent in producing fast tracks is Twista. The song is one of his few solo endeavors outside of BTS and received praise from both long-time fans and old-school fans. Roddy Ricch. Furthermore, some unknown individuals can rap fast, and only a few fans can hear them on streaming channels or underground competitions. in 2020 [Forbes], “I became a b!tch in SS1” – Cross dresser James Brown opens up (Video), Africa’s richest woman, Isabel dos Santos losses husband, Sindika Dokolo, in driving accident.

He is behind songs such as All Night Long, Proud, Holla and Obumiri.

Some of the fastest rappers in the world are Twista, Eminem, Busta-rhymes. Outsider: Surely he is one of the fastest rappers out there, Outsider or Shin Ok-Cheol is South Korean … Vector makes our list because he’s an excellent rapper, and was even known for winning rap battles home and abroad. Jan 24, 2020 Getty Images Following last week's surprise release of Eminem's 11th studio album Music to be Murdered By , "Godzilla" has become a breakout hit and a world speed record setter. Oga Boss as he is fondly called is a talented Nigerian rapper. Jeff Kintu aka Lyrical G is a talented Ugandan rapper, vocalist as well as producer. Perhaps the talent runs in the family, or what would you say. G-Dragon shows how fast he raps in a song that's ten years old: "She's Gone feat. He also has other fast-paced songs, including 100 Rounds Clip at 14.1 syllables per second and Brainsick 1.0 at 15 syllables per second. She sings Lugaflow but with some modernity incorporated in it. It concludes with “I’ma get a special place” at 2 min 39 sec.

March 12, 2020 June 11, 2020 One Olympic legend named Usain Bolt rules the world of sprinting for almost a decade.