Despite having a rocky relationship with BoJack at times, the two characters are kindred spirits who understand even the darkest parts of each other.

She overdoses and is rushed to the hospital and survives, although she suffers from PTSD like symptoms when she returns to BoJack's house.

The horse was beguiled by her and she is one of the few love interests BoJack was depicted as having genuine feelings for. In season 6, Mr. Peanutbutter confesses to cheating on Pickles and suggests that she sleep with another man to get even with him, eventually suggesting his friend and international pop star Joey Pogo.

Eventually, however, she leaves him for Joey Pogo.

He wears thick brown glasses.
I don’t know why. They attempt to blackmail BoJack after taking photos of him having intercourse with Sarah Lynn but are stopped by Vanessa Gekko under threat of a lawsuit for trespassing, paparazziing without a permit and blackmail before threatening to frame them for Tupac's murder. When he wants people to know he's getting emotional he will simply state it in a very as-a-matter-of-fact way and not really show it. While Sextina was initially angered with the tweet and tried to fire Diane, she later embraced the image because of support from other celebrities. Judah says he thought about inviting Princess Carolyn but didn't want her to feel obligated.

She makes a final appearance as a part of BoJack's hallucination in the episode "The View from Halfway Down", as one of the several deceased people from BoJack's past whom he sees after he almost committed suicide. Corduroy Jackson-Jackson (voiced by Brandon T. Jackson) is BoJack's human co-star in the Secretariat movie. Judah intervenes in the meeting and reminds Princess Carolyn to call Mr. Peanutbutter. The titular character and primary antagonist, BoJack Horseman is a troubled star who found fame in the 90s due to his tenure on popular sitcom Horsin' Around.

He conspires with Diane to leak a small portion of BoJack's book to create hype and convince BoJack to allow its publication. In the season 6 mid-season cliff hanger, "A Quick One While He's Away", she goes to a party in NYC and meets Pete-Repeat, who was on a double date with BoJack and Penny at the high-school prom "Escape from LA". She publishes an article exposing BoJack's role in Sarah Lynn's death and later gathers more detail to orchestrate a hard-hitting interview with BoJack by Biscuits Braxby, both of which directly lead to BoJack's downfall. In Start Spreading The News, Princess Carolyn is walking around her new agency, VIM, making sure everything is in order—albeit appearing to be a little flustered.

His name is a play off Hollywood producer and director Jon Turteltaub. At his concert, Judah's bandmate asks if everyone from his office is here.

and Todd to gleefully say, "I never know!". Weirdo-Beardo (Rutabaga Rabitowitz)Mr. McGregor (Rutabaga Rabitowitz)Rain-Man-Bun (Katrina Peanutbutter)Rasputin (J.D. In "Hank After Dark", it is revealed that Mr. Peanutbutter was formerly married to a woman named Katrina who was emotionally abusive.

Behind the scenes This is not to say he has no human emotion, but he is rather reserved and prefers to keep things constantly professional and not personal. In the season three episode "Brrap Brrap Pew Pew", Diane accidentally tweeted out that Sextina was having an abortion while she was being distracted, which caused a media storm. She gets a call from BoJack, but hits decline, as she sighs. When she gets there his bandmate announces that their lead singer had to go back to work and therefore they will be playing only instrumental versions of their songs. BoJack Horseman is an American adult animated sitcom created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg. While seen as a liberal college graduate concerned with the civil rights movement, she soon becomes bitter and jaded after making the poor choice to romantically involve herself with Butterscotch Horseman. Diane moves into a run-down studio apartment upon separating from Mr. Peanutbutter. Roxy (voiced by Fielding Edlow) is Diane's human friend. Emotionally distant, he frequently spouted his backward views about women, making Beatrice feel insecure and inadequate (for which she compensates with meanness as an adult).

Sebastian St. Clair (voiced by Keegan-Michael Key) – A snow leopard billionaire bachelor philanthropist who wants Diane to accompany him to a third world country, Cordovia, to ghostwrite a novel about his work rebuilding the community and caring for the citizens. He later informed her of J.D. When BoJack takes a teaching position at Wesleyan, Hollyhock is distant from him due to learning about that past misdeed and makes it clear she doesn't appreciate him imposing himself on her college experience, stating that he shouldn't say she's his sister "like it means something" and only reluctantly giving him any reason to think they'll have an improved relationship going forward. BoJack and Herb had a falling out at the apex of the show's success when Herb was blackballed by the network for being gay and BoJack did not stand up for Herb for fear of losing his own job. In season three, BoJack attempted to reconcile with Penny believing she may have been emotionally damaged because of the incident and finds her at her school Oberlin College. During the hallucination, the half of the horse that's based on Butterscotch tells BoJack that he always cared about and loved him, but was terrified of letting that show. She spends much of season three trying to help BoJack's image, which leads to a relationship with him. At the end of "Later", it is revealed he was able to see his kids again. A bitter woman, Beatrice herself was raised in an oppressive and misogynistic household as the heiress to the Sugarman Sugar Cube Company. During and after Mr. Peanutbutter's run for Governor of California their marriage begins to deteriorate and, at the beginning of season 5, they divorce.

In Angela, at VIM, Princess Carolyn questions Judah on whether he is in a band. He grew up in the Labrador Peninsula, which is depicted as being populated entirely by Labrador Retrievers.

She breaks up with BoJack after accepting she cannot cope with his pessimistic and negative attitude, remarking poignantly "when you look at someone through rose-colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags.". When BoJack and Herb first meet as comedians, BoJack angrily tells him to "get cancer" which is what eventually happens. He is initially cast on Philbert as Philbert's partner Fritz, due to Waggoner's "bad boy" reputation, but the controversy that ensues as a result of Waggoner's past and with Philbert's indelicate subject matter (as well as the countless job offers that he receives after returning to the spotlight) causes him to leave the show and be recast with Mr. Peanutbutter.

During season 6, BoJack has recurring flashbacks about her and is one of the reasons why he wants to get sober. She tells BoJack she doesn't want to be involved and that he has to handle the situation, causing him to hyperventilate and later pass out. Leah Flavell is a freelance writer currently living in Kettering, originally from Wolverhampton, United Kingdom. He is depicted as comically deadpan and doesn't seem to really understand humor or sarcasm. He manages to get o… After the show went off the air, she became a successful pop singer in the early 2000s before drug addiction and alcoholism ended her career. When she breaks up with her boyfriend, claiming it to be because of a "Jesus thing", BoJack recommends Todd's asexual dating app. Maude (voiced by Echo Gillette) is a counter girl rabbit working for Cinnabunny at Air Bud International Airport. Judah is hard-working and very loyal to Princess Carolyn. Later that night, Charlotte catches BoJack and Penny in a compromising position in his yacht. She writes content for Screen Rant, The Sportster, CBR, TheTalko and Outfront Magazine and has also written articles for WhatCulture and YourDogAdvisor. She picks up the flyer from her desk and decides to go to Judah's concert. Guy (voiced by LaKeith Stanfield) is a bison cameraman for Girl Croosh. In Old Acquaintance, at Vigor, Charley Witherspoon, who has been running the company ever since his father croaked, talks to Judahabout merging the two companies.

Todd also has an uncanny knack for getting himself in absurd and extremely dangerous situations when his friends aren't around, such as getting into gun fights on several occasions, ending up in prison, and in one case switching places Prince and the Pauper-style with a dictator from Cordovia, a fictional eastern European country in the midst of a brutal civil war.