These military titles are retained for individuals who have garnered enough field experience and are not based on their military ranks. [45] Additionally, the Sangheili skull has a density sufficient enough to prevent a .40 caliber bullet from being able to exit the other side upon impact. Species [103] A popular pastime for Sangheili children is to hunt small rat-like creatures that live on their homeworld. They also appear to have a double set of pectoral muscles, which contributes to their incredible strength. Special Operations Sangheili are members of the Covenant Special Operations branch of the Covenant Special Warfare Group. The Ascetics are a special group of Sangheili devoted to ensuring stability and purity within Covenant society. [73] This practice sometimes puts individuals of questionable strategic acumen in positions of command. [42][43] Anywhere from eight to more than a dozen broader teeth may be mounted on the upper jaw structure. In 2558, at least one settlement of former-Covenant races was based in the South American city of Rio de Janeiro. In Sangheili culture, it is customary to settle disagreements with authority by assassination, though one has to use personal weapons in order for the practice to be considered honorable.

The Zealots, despite being among the most fervent adherents of the Covenant's religion, use shrewd, pragmatic tactics and are willing to engage in subterfuge in lieu of open combat. A Special Operations Sangheili wielding a Plasma Rifle.

Special Operations Sangheili operate in small squads and boast superior shielding system and active camouflage. Young Sangheili have pale protective scales hanging from their necks that they lose with age, an evolutionary leftover from the days when Sangheili parents used to carry their offspring in their jaws. look at the field marshall in reach. [110], The apostrophe in front of the clan name indicates a sound resembling a glottal stop or click. Depending upon rank and mission objective, they are commonly seen in battle with plasma rifles, carbines, needlers, needle rifles, along with their cultural signature weapons, energy swords. [note 3][note 4], Sangheili exhibit minor sexual dimorphism, with the females being slightly smaller than the males. Sangheili are physically imposing beings, typically standing more than a foot taller than the average human.

[19], After being returned to their homeworld, the Sangheili discovered artifacts left by the Forerunners on their planet. Thel 'Vadamee's naked model is depicted in Halo 2 however the cinematics don't offer a clear view of his anatomy. However, the negotiations were put on hold due to an attack by New Colonial Alliance mercenaries. [54] Sangheili skin color can range from light brown to dark brown, light gray to black, and blue. The Sangheili seldom view personal weapons as anything more than tools of war, and rarely attach extra importance to a weapon simply because it once belonged to a great warrior. [56] Sangheili males possess a subtle leathery scent, while females have been described as smelling like "clean feathers". Given their predatory nature, a Sangheili's sense of smell is likely very developed. The planet has two moons called Qikost and Suban.[10]. [92] A given state is governed by a single clan residence and assembly house known as a keep, headed by a kaidon selected by a council of elders. It was noted that an Unggoy was able to take command of Sangheili and lead them in such a way so as to inspire respect and admiration from them. [104] Young Sangheili also learned and sang old narrative poems, the most famous and widely known being the legendary ballad of the demigod hero Kel 'Darsam.[105]. [109] Some Sangheili have names tied to heroes, battles, and legends that harken back to early Sangheili history. I was wondering, is the Zealot or the Warrior a higher rank in the new Covenant?