6. 12. Therefore, here is my (recently modified) preliminary list of the 2021 nominees: 08. Paul Rodgers should have been in a decade ago, and the rest of the band is considered a "supergroup" for a reason. Tina Turner (The constant annoyance of the Rock Hall Watchers Twitter will definitely get her a spot. 16. 3. It was a strong run from about 1977-1987. Pixies I think we put more thought into these things here than the actual committee does. John Sykes has spoken on how the Hall needs to drastically evolve to be more inclusive towards women and people of color.

2.Cher(eligible since 1991) 04. Tina Turner See my numerous posts under Duran Duran. Dave Mathews Band-They got ditched and broke the fan kiosk trend, so they'll be returning. And of course Chris Cornell is a legend. Posted by RG on Saturday, 10.17.20 @ 21:34pm, Here's a "Inductees Who X" list for ya. 33. Smashing Pumpkins

15.- The Guess Who -(Am I the only one on board for this band? The Marshall Tucker Band

Their induction leads to more diversity. 1. Backstreet Boys RATM-Relevant to the max and three times the charm no?

The guy has sold millions of albums, entertained millions in concert.

Rock Hall is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit in the United States. Bad Company-a band talked about for years of being omitted. 8. Kraftwerk- How many times have they been nominated? People who purchased tickets to attend this year’s ceremony will receive automatic refunds at their point of purchase. Dolly Parton Kraftwerk 01. 26. I would actually prefer to see The Foo Fighters (or Jane's Addiction, for that matter) in this spot. Also, since no major "prog" bands have been nominated during the past 2 years, I would expect to see more of a "prog" presence especially after the recent unfortunate and untimely passing of the magnificent Neil Peart. If nominated; Will get in. Should get in. Pat Benatar Steppenwolf (first rock song to feature the words "heavy metal")


The 2021 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees. George Martin Soundgarden I'm just tired of it all. It will make the Irish fans very happy, plus add more diversity. Salt-N-Pepa Gonna have to live with that, although I more than likely forgot a few that I may have wanted to get in there, or at least recognize like Todd Rundgren(Take one year break), Dave Matthews Band(may not want to go through that again this year), excluded Foo Fighters(Agree that Dave wants to get other bands in first), and Rage ATM,(maybe Morello feels the same). } Tina Turner, Posted by Ben on Saturday, 10.24.20 @ 05:24am, My final prediction on the nominees for the next class: 18. I will check out the one's you guys mention in the near future.

This site is not affiliated in any way with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum or the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation. Jethro fits the bill. Motorhead Foo Fighters

22. Who doesn't love Willie, and, he can get a lot of support, he is very well deserving, a legend, and who knows?). 16. See also, the "holy trinity" of prog (Rush, Yes and The Moody Blues).

22.- Duran Duran -(Don't think I'm quite sold yet on their induction chances, but they could squeeze in there and get a nomination. Beck Foreigner 15. Posted by Keith on Saturday, 06.16.12 @ 15:59pm I was only using Slipknot as an example. Big Mama Thornton (get it over with, Hound Dog)

If nominated will get in and should probably be appropriately inducted by Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of Rush, not unlike Yes. 04. Jay- Z- I suppose that he is important to the younger generation. Iron Maiden 21. Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil, Posted by Plebian on Saturday, 10.17.20 @ 16:42pm. John Prine-he will face a posthumous induction, unfortunately. Devo Motorhead Creedence Clearwater Revival 4. 34. Pat Benatar Billy Preston Eurythmics- maybe, or perhaps Devo? 05. Journey Judas Priest 5. And as time goes on, music sometimes get re-evaluated. 16. An artist is eligible 25 years after releasing its first official release. 1987 29. LL Cool J Stevie Ray Vaughan (11) Pixies Go-Gos - yes, I have seen the documentary too. Least Chuck Berry: Darlene Love It adds to more diversity, plus Michael Steele had been a member of The Runaways. Queen (8) Kool and The Gang

11. I remember listening to one episode of Hall Watchers with Troy as a guest. Emerson, Lake, and Palmer (more prog, Emerson and Lake are dead) Aretha Franklin 12. Foo Fighters-May seem unlikely the more I think about it, but Dave Grohl's presence and the relevance of his band are too hard to ignore Sparks Sepultura

Blondie (5) 08. Well, what do you think? I realize I prob have too many new wave/electronic/alternative acts than will actually get nominated. Most Chuck Berry: the backing groups, but other wise, Small Faces/The Faces The music interaction everything! Supertramp sold millions of albums, especially "Crime Of The Century" and "Breakfast In America." New York Dolls- because T. Rex just got in and since The MC5 just seems like a very tired old choice. 03.

The last time the Rock Hall inducted two first-ballot Hall of Famers, who were both still active, was 2005 with U2 and The Pretenders. Bootsy Collins [Parliament-Funkadelic] (29)

They were known for their twin lead guitar attack & it later refined & popularised by Judas Priest, Iron Maiden & Def Leppard. Weezer Judas Priest Her career revival in the 80's was arguably greater than her work with Ike. A borderline act that has hits but that doesn't matter probably the reason why people wanted them to get in because of Paul Rodgers one of the greatest singers of all time & as a whole band I don't see no artist cited them as a influence & they don't have enough critical acclaim or groundbreaking success. S-Tier 14. Should get in; Will get in. Iron Maiden Should get in.

24.- King Crimson -(Should probably already be inducted, but continue to fly way under the radar, and taken for granted. See also the "holy trinity" of prog (Rush, Yes and The Moody Blues). Weezer Midnight Oil B-52s - a newly inspired choice. The B-52's - One of the most distinctive bands out there. Foo Fighters https://futurerocklegends.com/statistics.php Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. I guess the Committee might think they can get to Foreigner later. Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo Kraftwerk (Eligible Since 1995, Seventh Nomination) Could also be Thin Lizzy in that spot too. Rush ((in, inducted in 2013, "holy trinity" of prog (Rush, Yes and Moody Blues) member)) One song, usually on a themed album: Tom Jones (If thats good for Wilson Pickett) Least Chuck Berry: Nine Inch Nails Mariah Carey-Part of me thinks the Hall might make her wait a year or two, but with Janet and Whitney going back to back, there's definitely a shot of Ms. Carey getting her due ahead of a couple other worthy female pop acts who predate her You're really never at a loss for discovering new and great music if it may be something relatively new or jams and LP's you may have bypassed in the past.. OK Ben, get back to you later.. Posted by Will N. on Saturday, 10.17.20 @ 16:49pm.

The Offspring B-52s - a newly inspired choice. Sade Personally, I happen to like the first nine artists on my list most and think that they would make a great Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction class for 2021. On artists for extremely obscure artists I've noticed you guys act like it's a crime they aren't in. See also, the "holy trinity" of prog (Rush, Yes and The Moody Blues). The late Phil Lynott is the key figure here. Big Mama Thornton Posted by Enigmaticus on Saturday, 10.17.20 @ 07:21am. The Commodores-My other shot in the dark, since the Spinners and Meters are ignored year after year (and I'm a huge Spinners proponent and have been for a decade), Lionel Richie may be an appealing choice for the Nom Com Posted by Ben on Saturday, 10.17.20 @ 05:31am. Cubby Checker Rage Against the Machine 12. I think it was a close call for induction. Thin Lizzy - I will leave this up to The Dude to explain. There are a couple others, like Procol Harum and Supertramp, who probably are in that vein too (I know I just ranted for Foreigner); Kraftwerk is not classic rock per se, and the Hall's biggest omission from the 70s is its embarrassingly scant R and B representation (The Spinners, the Meters, Commodores, Ohio Players...come the hell on RRHOF! Though, it should recoup that in 2021 at a ceremony that could be headlined by newly eligible acts Jay-Z and Foo Fighters.

I think it took Black Sabbath about 9 years from their first nomination to be Inducted. Pat Benatar The Silver Bullet Band? 16. 19. foreigner Jay- Z- I suppose that he is important to the younger generation. It adds to more diversity, plus Michael Steele had been a member of The Runaways. border-bottom: 1px dotted #ccc They are a natural successor to Depeche Mode. Theres also that cool Blue Morning song but I can never remember the title.

Big Star Judas Priest (If Thats good for Alice Cooper Group) David Byrne [Talking Heads] (15, 45) Posted by Keith on Sunday, 06.10.12 @ 02:12am 70s-Bad Company, Jethro Tull

Kate Bush Dolly Parton A-Tier

A Tribe Called Quest 4. Motley Crue - 5/10 Kraftwerk- How many times have they been nominated? Monkees (Davy Jones will be inducted posthumously) John Prine The Kinks Marianne Faithfull (Eligible Since 1989, First Nomination) Ohio Governor Mike DeWine on Tuesday issued a new public health order requiring people to wear masks in the seven “red” counties that have been hit the hardest by recent coronavirus infections, including Cuyahoga County. Seit 1986 wird jedes Jahr eine begrenzte Anzahl neuer Mitglieder in die Rock and Roll Hall of Fame aufgenommen, wobei die Aufnahme frühestens 25 Jahre nach Erscheinen der ersten Schallplatte oder CD des Künstlers erfolgen kann. 18. But it's on Best of the Guess Who that I own. The Wailers? Bad Company (FYN) 04. Here is my second posting on this site and comments on whether or not the artist has been inducted, nominated or not: 07. Your Baseball example was perfect and I could have not said it better. King Crimson Procol Harum 13.

Should get in; Will get in. AC/DC (25)

Pink Floyd (In, inducted in 1996 by Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins). 12.

19. Founder, Diana Ross Styx Bad Company Iron Maiden' Unfortunately, Belinda Carlisle did not write many songs for them, instead focusing on her solo career. I Want To Know What Love Is has become a Classic song. 16. I certainly think he will be nominated again. Kool & The Gang- the unfortunate passing of one of their key members- Ronald Bell may help them to get on the map. And yeah, I think a lot of predictions, my own included, assume that the process is going to be more or less "business as usual", as far as the composition of the nominee class. Todd Rundgren-3rd time is the charm for the talented songwriter, or will he take the vaunted ME cat? Thin Lizzy-I hope for a renomination. MC5 If nominated will get in and should probably be appropriately inducted by Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of Rush, not unlike Yes. If I were to speculate on a preliminary list of the 2021 nominees, I would think that quite a few of the same old stalwarts will return.

(Rush, Yes and The Moody Blues).

I have been checking the lists of nominee predictions from everyone who has posted their choices, and they do not differ a whole lot from my own, with the exception of a few wild cards I like to throw in. New York Dolls

18. I think with bands that don't have clear "classic lineups" the hall will just go the lazy route and nominate the frontman, but considering what the hall of fame is supposed to represent and its stature, its frankly loathsome of them to do so. Judas Priest Blood, Sweat, and Tears (Woodstock performer) By the way, Philip, have you considered starting your own podcast?