Then she says she already knows where Adora is located, then telling Catra she has to return her or she will suffer in Adora's place. Bloodwolf | King Micah is Queen Angella's husband and Glimmer's father.

One day, a spy discovers that Angella is being held prisoner by Hunga, leader of the Harpies. However, Shadow Weaver still had a desire to wield very powerful magic, and had little to no qualms in using Adora to carry it, even though it might’ve killed her in the process. In "Signals", Shadow Weaver is sitting in her cell, Catra coming in and throwing down files, asking Shadow Weaver for the missing file. The other episode is "Loo-Kee's Sweety".

She-Ra characters as The Onion headlines: Swift Wind: Welcome to TGI Fridays! Mantenna attempts to blast King Grayskull with his energy beams but ends up being choked to unconsciousness by the king. Occupation Eventually revealed to have the ability to speak, Swift Wind has a sardonic tongue and pursues his own political agenda of liberating Etheria's horses.

Catra is a fictional character in the toyline, and animated television series, She-Ra: Princess of Power (1985–86), which is part of the Masters of the Universe franchise.

So she escapes and makes her way around the Fright Zone, decorating it with flowers wherever she goes. Dragstor is a cyborg who is part man, part vehicle.

The Star Sisters are three sisters that debuted in the Masters of the Universe Classics toyline.

At the end of the season, Catra is taken aboard the ship of Horde Prime, Hordak's creator, along with Glimmer, and manages to convince him to refrain from destroying Etheria in order to use it as a weapon. She is shown to be a skilled gardener and fond of daisies, finding them cheerful, as seen in the. When Hordak arrived on Etheria, he promised Shadow Weaver vast power in exchange for information, to which she agreed. Mermista is voiced by Melendy Britt in the 1980s series and by Vella Lovell in the 2018 series. However, it is first hinted in the season 3 finale "The Portal" that he is still alive. She is often seen as a second-in-command type to Hordak but is still his slave, he has been seen threatening to wipe her mystical advancements away at a whim. At times it even seems as though he may be more human than animal, particularly in the early episode "Beast Island" in which he is competent enough to operate a computer console and command a series of Destructotanks. CBR voted Leech 3rd worst He-Man toy.[28].

Perfuma is a member of the Great Rebellion. Her face is heavily disfigured as a result of her use of the Spell of Obtainment which she keeps concealed behind her red mask. She attempts to plead to Adora after being imprisoned once more, but the latter coldly rebuffs her and relates the favoritism to her submissive obedience. The rogue robots saved him by preserving his organs in the robot body's chest and his brain in a robotic skull. He appears to be quite muscular and strong, but in reality, he is a rather scrawny and unimpressive man underneath the armor.

When Adora is recounting her time with Shadow Weaver to Glimmer and Bow, she says that she learned everything from Shadow Weaver, from reading, tying her boots, to the more violent studies of combat. She served as a source of information to Catra until she tricked her former ward into providing her with the means her to escape the Fright Zone.She resided at Bright Moon as an uneasy ally of The Rebellion solely to exact revenge against the Horde. In the fourth season, Catra coerces Hordak into letting her command the Horde's war effort, and hires shapeshifting mercenary Double Trouble to sow dissent in the Rebellion. dumbassjockgf . Shadow Weaver sees this, and praises her power from a distance, so Glimmer teleports to her, discovering Shadow Weaver inside her new garden. When Shadow Weaver is due to be exiled, she tricks Catra into providing the means for her to escape. Humming Bombers | Shadow Weaver tells him to tell Hordak that someone was in the Fright Zone that could lead him to victory.

She often refuses to comply with anyone other than herself and does not tolerate mediocrity from others.

Catra shows knowledge of the Horde's brutality and Shadow Weaver's trickery, while Adora is completely ignorant at first. Henchfrogs |

Entrapta also appears in the Robot Chicken episode "Slaughterhouse on the Prairie" where she, Catra and Scorpia attack Castle Bright Moon. Shadow Weaver says this child has potential and takes her in. Origin

Shadow Weaver was once known as Light Spinner and was one of the most powerful sorceresses in Etheria. : Why was Mermista French? Glimmer is voiced by Linda Gary in the 1980s series and by Karen Fukuhara in the 2018 series. Jurassic Park Villains |

Admiral Scurvy is voiced by George DiCenzo in the 1980s series and by Keston John in the 2018 series. Horde Prime discarded one such clone for his physical imperfections and sent him on a suicide mission on the front lines, the clone ending up stranded instead on the planet Etheria in the empty dimension of Despondos, where he named himself Hordak and built his own division of the Horde. Poachers (Madagascar) | Because of this constant abusive treatment, Shadow Weaver was inadvertently responsible for the onset of Catra's claw to power in the Horde. Theodore Galloway | They try to hold it steady and reverse it, but the monstrosity breaks free. In the second season, Shadow Weaver tells Catra that Catra is losing her place with Hordak just as she did.

Unlike the other members of the Rebellion, she does not appear to be afraid of Hordak and the other Hordesmen. Gladys Sharp | He is a robotic creation and counterpart of the character Modulok whose action figure also consisted of numerous different body parts which could be locked together in many different ways. She has also demonstrated limited magical abilities, such as a holding spell, as well as short-range teleportation. It is never clarified whether he could mimic another character's powers as well as their appearance. Some of The Great Rebellion think Kowl may be a traitor, but Princess Adora firmly believes he is innocent. Shadow Weaver and Castaspella join the rebels in their hidden base and says that they have discovered that if they activate the fail-safe at the Heart of Etheria all the magic that has been stored there will be set free. Big Black Jack Latimore |

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Angry, she casts judgment on all the Council members, arguing that if they don't act now, there won't be a planet to save. It is not clear if they are allies, but Shadow Weaver promises to enhance Glimmer's powers.

Thimblenose Ted | Too bad a reviewer called Angella a bad mom, she's clearly just afraid and actually doesn't entirely know what to do (at least I think so as I'm trying not to be bias, and I'm no expert), Ok, let's remember we're here to celebrate mom's day.

I'd also like to acknowledge Entrapta and Scorpia as Emily's mom's,*F*F-R&eid=ARBUZ1pdDEor2bRI3agbRGJixRpLsb1aS5YkJay4nlqPn2tJJ_BsOLw12vy4y6SlRoCUDRQMzIK_peHP&tn-str=*F&hc_location=group_dialog. Wrap Trap is an evil mummy who debuted in the Masters of the Universe Classics toyline. [35][37] Although she caught She-Ra in her tentacles upon first meeting her, the Octopus lady proved to be no match for the Princess of Power. Catra appears in the Robot Chicken episode "Slaughterhouse on the Prairie", voiced by Eden Espinosa. [15] He serves the Great Rebellion as a firefighter, his main power being to spray jets of water, stored in a special pack on his back, from his trunk, which he refills periodically from rivers and lakes.

General Mandible | Emerging from the portal as She-Ra and closing it behind her, Catra and Hordak flee before her while Shadow Weaver has everyone prepare to depart.

Grimmel the Grisly | Lord Shen's Wolf Army (Boss Wolf) | Teachertrons | However, Glimmer does have a stuffed animal version of the character in her bedroom. This ultimately cost her her life, but she was able to leave a recorded message for Adora explaining everything to her successor. Shadow Weaver "found" Adora as an orphaned baby. In the 2018 series, a teenage Catra was a childhood friend of Adora, raised alongside her by their trainer/mother-figure, Shadow Weaver. He then destroyed the gem, severing her link with the gem but not before she had taken a third of its power, inducing an irreversible change in her, mentally and physically. "The Best of She-Ra: Princess of Power Review", "Masters of the Universe Classics Bow Will Steal Your Heart", "She-Ra's Noelle Stevenson on Bow's Dads & Scorpia's Love for Catra", "She-Ra - Princess of Power - Season One, Vol. Crimes The action figure's special feature is a switch on its back, which when pressed caused his chest to flow with blood. While scouting the planet, her spaceship is captured by Hordak, and he tries to use her people to do his bidding. She scolded and threatened to kill Catra for coming in without permission, while she simply fixed part of Adora's hair, asked her to keep Catra under control, not to let it happen again, and then patted her on the head. He was destroyed by She-Ra in the series finale after she freed the Heart of Etheria and restored magic to the universe. As a result, Double is often mistrusted by Etherians not in the know for this very reason.

Ay |

He later captures Sea Hawk, Bow, and Swift Wind to receive the bounty on them from Octavia. Shadow Weaver wasn't deterred by this, as she attempted to erase Adora's memory of her defection in order to effectively control her once more, though this plan was foiled by Glimmer. Light Spinner is then explaining Mystacor in more detail to Micah, then she and Micah are seen gathering the little floating diamonds and harvesting their essence, drawing a symbol on the ground. Both girls had begged Shadow Weaver to leave, and it is from this that they still seemed to have seen Shadow Weaver as a mother figure, which is understandable since she is the one who raised them. She then continues to lay back against her cell walls, watching Catra leave. Pitch Black | In the series finale, Catra accompanies Adora to the Heart of Etheria; it is only after Catra professes her love for Adora that the latter is able to free the magic of Etheria from Horde Prime's clutches. She meets Hordak, and he makes her a sorceress of the shadows and the second-in-command of the Horde. She wore a golden cross-shaped badge, which reminisces like a jewel and features a red wine jewel in the middle, which was her sorceress guild badge. On the other hand, she was very abusive and nasty to Catra, being harsh, cruel, and intimidating to her where she had been lenient and supportive to Adora, threatening her to the point where she ended up becoming just as power-hungry and cruel as she is. She is seen again, trying to convince the other sorcerers to cast the Spell of Obtainment with her, so they can take power for themselves and beat the Horde. This interruption to her Moonstone connection caused her to glitch and prevented her from teleporting. Through the help of She-Ra, Glimmer and Angella reunite with Micah. Robert Turner | With the aid of Broom, she can fly. Shadow Weaver physically abuses Catra in other ways all the time in season 1. In the 2018 series, Entrapta is portrayed as a more sympathetic character as she initially joined the Rebels despite her obsession with technology complicating things for them. Glimmer breaks free and punches her, knocking her unconscious.

Light Spinner wore two dark cerise shoulders with gold edges, a grayish crimson blouse with gold edges as well, and a long dark very cerise skirt, with the apron part of the skirt being dark cerise with another time golden edges. Newton Wolves (Bad Billions and Good Billions) | Colonel Blast is voiced by Lou Scheimer in the 1980s series. In all of her pain and suffering Catra begins to wonder about love and what it feels like to be loved.

While she is not quite as powerful as her mother, Glimmer is nonetheless one of the Great Rebellion's most powerful members.