Originally the CH-J3 was called the Avionics package.

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Pretty sure I understand the process behind what you're doing, and that you fine tune that flyby to result in a orbital period of exactly 2yrs, just not sure how you can see that information in-game - I'm pretty new to Kerbal so I'm still not up to scratch on some aspects of the GUI.

Click the "Plot it!" Bring home the Broken Shaker vibes with Bar Lab’s new cocktail kit. So I’m trying to plan a crewed mission to Mercury because the transfer window is in 26 days but I’m realizing I can’t get the Delta V I need for a direct transfer no matter how much I “Kerbal” my craft.I found flyby finder through searching this subreddit but I’m still not fully understanding how to use it. Enter the altitude of your parking orbit around that body.

We’re used to seeing random acts of kindness during the holidays, so it’s even more impactful when someone decides to spread a little cheer on an arbitrary... News. After a few seconds a plot will appear showing how much Δv is required to reach your destination for different departure dates and times of flight. Ksp flyby finder News. That is, if I am planning a KEKJ flyby launching at day 1390 and am shooting for an Eve flyby at T+180 days and a Kerbin flyby at T+1050 days (a solution given by FF) I can't seem to be able to get that 2nd Kerbin encounter, even if I wait until I'm out of Kerbin's SOI and setup a correction burn. I thought maybe I'm just crap at setting them up (probably true anyway) but I am able to setup a K-E-K flyby with no problems when the Kerbin encounter isn't an orbital period in the future. Make sure you increased the number of SOI changes the game shows.

EDIT: Thanks all for the help, especially allmhuran for the hugely detailed and helpful reply.

btw. Hovering over an entry in the list will show its "Time of flight", this is the time AFTER the flyby. I've just started using Flyby Finder to plan my missions and am wondering how people plan (setup and correct their burns) for an encounter more than one orbital period in advance. If you're happy to do things on the fly I can give you the explanation for the Besttm way to do it.

Select the celestial body you wish to travel to. The game typically only shows encounters when they happen in the next full orbit (based on your current position.

You could also try increasing the number of patched conics in the .cfg file. I'm not sure if single Kerbin flyby would be enough to reach Jool.

The format of this information is "Body(orbits of craft) delta-v" as executed near/within the SOI of the flyby body. Oh that it is lol, I like kerbal because I rarely have to plan stuff like this but I think I have to actually try to get to Mercury. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. If you roughly how long it takes to get from one planet to another, the mod simplifies a few things quite nicely.

Yep I've heard of that, but I'm ok with all of the planning in that aspect, just can't actually do my initial burn/correction in-game and line up/see the 2nd encounter is all. Yar I did that - still can't see it! On a somewhat related note, doing 2 flybys of kerbin helps a lot in terms of flexibility.

Interactive illustrated interplanetary guide and calculator for KSP by olex, based on Kosmo-not's interplanetary how-to guide. For all your gaming related, space exploration needs. I've just started using Flyby Finder to plan my missions and am wondering how people plan (setup and correct their burns) for an encounter more than one orbital period in advance. Is there any good tutorials of the program or another mod/way to plan these assists? Trivia. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Or are you happy to do things "on the fly"? There are some mods that can change that (Precise Maneuver is one of them).

Is using flyby finder an important part of how you want to play the game? Tbh, Mercury orbit with a reasonable sized craft would need more than one flyby. Select the celestial body you will be departing from. Thanks heaps, I didn't even know you could throw a maneuver node ahead an entire period like that.

I’d like to use Venus for an assist but I’m not finding any encounters. Many thanks. Remember that KSP is a game, and sometimes it's OK to pretend, and in that case, planning and executing Venus-Mercury direct is hard enough you can pretend you did the whole thing ingame, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the RealSolarSystem community.

I'm a bit new to Kerbal and am trying to get my head around planned gravity assist flybys. Not really needing any help finding a flyby solution, already got that, just having trouble planning it ingame, as I can't fine-tune the initial burn (or even a pre Eve flyby correction burn) and shoot for a Kerbin encounter 1000 days in the future as encounters don't seem to show more than one orbit in advance. This is assumed to be a circular, equatorial orbit. It can be hard to learn how to use, but it can do things like let you find a K-E-K-J trajectory, or a K-E-E-J trajectory.

If you haven't installed it already, Kerbal Alarm Clock is quite important (for me, anyway) in planning transfers. This was super useful dude, particularly in helping me understand how shooting for a KEKKJ assist only requires searching for a KEK flyby in FF, but shooting for a flyby that has a 2yr period, then a 2nd K flyby with a date corresponding to a suitable Jool launch window. Cookies help us deliver our Services.

Enter the altitude of your parking orbit around that body.

If you throw a maneuver node on your path, then bump it forward enough orbits to get the intercept, it should show properly. AFAIK there's a limit on the number of encounters the maneuver planner will show. and served as a toggleable module that provided SAS functionality. Click on any point on this plot to see full details of the selected transfer. button. Regardless of whether I want to do planned or "on the fly" missions, it's good to have more understanding! I'm able to find the window, and the required delta-v and everything else I need to complete the KEKJ flyby, I just can't plan the thing in-game - but will try setting extra patched conics in the settings tonight. I'll keep playing with it tonight and post back here.

it probably takes a lot less effort to just cram a bit more dv into your ships, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the KerbalSpaceProgram community, Continue browsing in r/KerbalSpaceProgram, The Kerbal Space Program subreddit. Select the celestial body you wish to travel to.