Discovered in 1866, it is the chief iron ore mining district in the United States. The United States dollar is the official currency of the United States and its territories per the United States Constitution since 1792. There are scenes in the movie that partially show what these lawyers dug up from their personal lives to be investigated in this trial. 1997), [1] was the first class-action sexual harassment lawsuit in the United States. A new jury trial was ordered. The first half of the trial for damages began in Duluth on January 17, 1995 and lasted until February 10. In United States labor law, a hostile work environment exists when one's behavior within a workplace creates an environment that is difficult or uncomfortable for another person to work in, due to discrimination. The name "taconyte" was coined by Horace Vaughn Winchell (1865–1923) – son of Newton Horace Winchell, the Minnesota State Geologist – during their pioneering investigations of the Precambrian Biwabik Iron Formation of northeastern Minnesota.

” Web. North Country (2005) is about the first successful sexual harassment case in U.S. history.

United States of America v. Reserve Mining Company, 408 F. Supp. The true story can be told through the court trial scenes but aren’t within the movie. They were very vocal about their opposition to the women working at the mine right from the start and that disapproval turned ugly quickly.

For a violation to impose liability, the conduct must create a work environment that would be intimidating, hostile, or offensive to a reasonable person. Iron Range refers collectively or individually to a number of elongated iron-ore mining districts around Lake Superior in the United States and Canada. The behavior of the men escalated into stalking, assault and threats of rape. In 1975, Lois Jenson became one of the first women employees at Eveleth Mines Forbes Fairlane Plant. Some of the abuse is portrayed in the movie to help people understand how these women were treated in this male dominated environment. On March 28, 1996, McNulty released a 416-page report that called the women “histrionic,” made public details about their private lives, and awarded them an average of $10,000 each. A jury found that this failure violated Nabozny's constitutional rights and awarded him $962,000 in damages.

On December 23, 1998, just before the trial was set to begin, fifteen women settled with Eveleth Mines for a total of $3.5 million. The story of Lois Jenson will never be forgotten as time passes by. We Will Write a Custom Essay SpecificallyFor You For Only $13.90/page! 11 March 2011. It further established that sexual harassment of female students could be considered sex discrimination, and was thus illegal. The fact that something was done about sexual harassment in these male – dominated mines by these women really shows how brave they are and shows what they believe in and what they believe is right. One scene in particular shows that the lawyers were investigating her pregnancy as a teenager. After a break, it resumed on May 22 and ended on June 13. Theron’s character, Josey Aimes, is based on real-life miner Lois Jenson. Paul C. Sprenger was an American attorney. Web. One of the original plaintiffs, Pat Kosmach, died partway through the case, on November 7, 1994. Patrick McNulty of Duluth was named special master a few months later to oversee a trial that would determine the amount of money owed to the women in damages.