Pour 2 ounces champagne or sparkling wine into a champagne flute and allow the bubbles to dissipate for a few seconds; Next, pour in your 2 ounces of orange juice (or other juice); If desired, add an addition of fruit syrup, liquor, or frozen fruit. So now we return to the sad crap champagne sitting on the refrigerator, all cold and lonely and of indeterminate use. Besides a mimosa recipe to tell you the perfect proportions, it’s important to have good ingredients. For this reason, I typically allow myself one with my breakfast or brunch and then move to straight orange juice or a cup of coffee. If time allows, I like to start by putting the champagne flutes in the freezer.

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I'd save a good bottle of champagne for a special occasion, something huge like a graduation or something little like, “It's the weekend!” But I would drink the good champagne with something salty. What do we do with that?

Dom (I called him that) spent much of his life setting the groundwork for making Champagne a wine that will not give you a headache. Paradoxically concentrated yet creamy, it is energetic and warm in the mouth, focusing on the fruit, then gradually taking on more profound bass notes. You want the sparkle to turn the OJ into a tingle on the tongue. Upgrade your basic orange juice with a bit of champagne or sparkling wine in this classic mimosa recipe that everyone will love! ”.

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One of my favourite subjects to research, to discuss and to write about. It’s the quality of the orange juice that I find to be more important when making my mimosas. (Wine Guy Lou Amdur, returns next week.). I've loved bubbles since I was a little girl. Of course, you don’t have to serve in a champagne flute, but it does make this a bit easier to portion. You're creating a slightly alcoholic soda. Sometimes, though, a frosty glass of orange juice spiked with a glug of Dom is sort of delicious. Our global wine connoisseurs and sommeliers source the world’s finest ready-to-drink, boutique, rare, vintage and aged wines, and offer private wine tastings and bespoke cellar plans. With brunch, a lot of times people will be disappointed with champagne because they're having something sweet like pancakes or French toast.