The C66 transmission features a helical LSD standard from factory which was not offered in the US. Something went wrong. or Best Offer. << Intro to Performance | Engine | Axles? The drain plug is 15/16". Just got her back, so haven’t had a chance to drive anywhere to really experience the LSD effect yet. Don’t use a screwdriver to pry it out or you will break something;  use channel locks.

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. On the top of the transmission by the exhaust, there is a “speedo” cable cover that can be removed to add the oil. gets rid of your SMT-specific engine computer and electronic throttle body, replacing them with manual transmission models and includes instructions and connectors for making the minor wiring changes required for this conversion. DIY & How-To. And here are the most common problems happen to MR2 Spyder: Other Popular Toyota MR2 Spyder Accessories. The average five-speed C-series transaxle weighs about 70lbs with shifter bellcranks and bearing/fork, but no clutch, fluid, or axle stubs.

Engine: you’ll need all of the usual parts for an MR2-S 2ZZ swap; engine, intake manifold, throttle body (with electrical connectors), engine mount, dipstick tube, Celica GTS ECU or Power FC, injectors, header, air intake, flywheel, etc. Our cars don’t use this for the speedo but others models do. Genuine OEM - Toyota MR2 Spyder/MR-S - EUDM/JDM C66 6-Speed Transmission w/ LSD - USED. Midship Runabout © 2020. The first Toyota MR2 Spyder was actually the third generation Toyota MR2 (W30; 1999-2007) and appeared in 1997 at the Tokyo Auto Show as a prototype.

Courtesy of Mark Juchems and Randy Phelps | March 25, 2018 | Print. Product type: Others open the drain plug below and fill until fluid comes out. Otherwise all work well.

Actually, it was not sold after 2005 in the United States but still available in Japan, Mexico, and Europe until 2007. The oil does NOT fill up the transmission. Please be sure to confirm use for your application. Threads for bolts has bad corrosion. All supercharged models use the E51 transmission. If you are replacing your old SMT transmission because it’s damaged or because you want different ratios or an LSD then you will not need Kit C. If installing a new MWR 6-speed transmission configured for the MR2-S or a used stock 5-speed transmission from a manual transmission MR2-S then you do not need any additional parts. Remove the intercooler, and underneath is a 24mm bolt that goes straight to the transmission. Our complete catalog covers all Toyota genuine MR2 Spyder parts and accessories. The weight of an E51 transaxle is approximately 130lbs.

I will update this review when I get the transmission installed. However, have driven helical LSDs before, so expecting the rear end to behave much better than with an open differential. If you bought a 2ZZ swap package with transmission from MWR then the shifter shaft and reverse blockout will already be installed in your transmission. See the. If you want to shop a specific Transmission & Drivetrain product brand, we stock 21 different brands like Imperial , Beck/Arnley , and Needa Parts . Many owners have found that Redline MT-90 transmission oil reduced syncro wear and aided shifting feel.

24mm socket (15/16 inch) (this is a big one that you probably don’t have.

The MTL will sometimes have a slight amount of gear rattle in hot conditions.

E-series transaxles were Toyota's heavy-duty transaxle for decades and are very hard to break, however they are also extremely heavy. This kit is required if keeping the 1ZZ regardless of whether you’re sticking with your original transmission or changing to a different one. There are several drain plugs on the trans.

It requires no modification to install, unlike the C60 Celica/Corolla/Matrix/Vibe transmissions. With over 52 Transmission & Drivetrain products ranging in price from $1.73 to $304.99, you’re sure to find everything you need for your 2002 Toyota MR2 Spyder. Short Shifter fits 00-05 TOYOTA CELICA GT GTS T230 1ZZ 2ZZ MR2 Spyder MT. Article and photo submissions are property of the contributing author.

There are several different options to consider when performing this conversion. 1ZZ engine, converting current 5- or 6-speed SMT transmission. Other products, brand names and logos shown are owned by the respective companies. All Rights Reserved. The grinding noises associated with hard shifting due to syncro wear may be reduced a little by changing the transmission oil. Midship Garage offers Genuine OEM C66 6-speed transmissions for your Toyota MR2 Spyder. A 24mm socket will work but is ever so slightly too large and can round off the bolt. Great service and communication. or Best Offer. socket, open the drain hole closest to the bottom and drivers side of the car and drain out the fluid.

Not all have experienced these issues and unless you plan on racing, may or may not be a concern. Transmission problem often shows as sharp whirring, rattling or grinding noises while depressing clutch or MR2 Spyder would shudder during acceleration and could not go into right gears, which mostly is … The one you are looking for is the one 1/2 way up the back of the transmission (towards the front of the car.) Free shipping.

There is a similar, smaller bolt on the C-series transaxles (next to the transmission vent).

Replace the plug. Step 4: Replace “speedo” cover and drain plug.

The MKI NA transmission uses 75W-90 GL4 oil; it does not have yellow metal synchronizers.

Toyota MR2 SPYDER 5 Speed Sequential Transmission 1ZZ 1.8L JDM 1ZZ-FE VVTi. SC uses US 4.4 quarts (although not many get that much in there). Using the 24mm (15/16 in.)

Once you have changed your transmission oil, the effects will not be immediate; the new oil takes a few days to work itself into all of the bearings and you will notice the shift quality increase slowly. Using the 24mm (15/16 in.) I feel like they should lube it some if the corrison from shipping. If you are installing a used 6-speed transmission from a Celica, Corolla or Matrix then you will need the same parts you’d need if installing this transmission into a manual transmission MR2-S: Transmissions – Lotus/Toyota C60 and C-series, K20 / K24 Swap – Lotus Elise/Exige 2005-12, 2ZZ Engine Swap Install – MR2 Spyder Manual, 2ZZ Engine Swap/MT Conversion – MR2 Spyder SMT, Manual Transmission Conversion – MR2 Spyder SMT, SMT System Repair – MR2 Spyder SMT 2001-05 $1995, 2ZZ Engine Swap Install – Celica GT Manual.

No limited slip differential was available as a standard option, however any LSD from any C-series transmission (MR2 Spyder, 2000+ Celica GT-S, Lotus Elise, etc.) DIY and How … The MKI NA transmission uses 75W-90 GL4 oil; it does not have yellow metal synchronizers. Very prompt shipping. Designs, photos, and "Midship Garage" labeled products are owned by Midship Garage, LLC. 2000-05 MR2 Spyder SMT to Manual Transmission Conversion. Copyright 2018 Monkeywrench Racing, Inc. 3295 Haggerty Hwy., Commerce township, MI 48390Tel.