The sphinxes just see life in black and white and given the chance would dash off in opposite directions. Perhaps your passion has turned into aggression. We may be focused on attaining a new job before figuring out how to transition out of our current one, or maybe we are not meant to switch jobs because we are momentarily unhappy; instead, we must work through it. You may have to work on tough areas of self-development before a relationship is possible. They just require some hard work and focus to resolve them.

Many of us have an instinctive fear of change, uncertainty, and being out of control. Above his head is a canopy of six-pointed stars, suggesting his connection to the celestial world and the Divine will. Instead, see this endeavour as a test of your strength and conviction, and recognise that victory is within reach, but it’s up to you to follow through. What do you think? This may be leading to anger, frustration and uncontrolled aggression. Look around you and see what needs to be completed. You will reap the benefits. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Many times, this card can represent that we have recently been through a difficult or challenging time, and we need to work together to bring peace and closure to emotionally difficult situations. Each of the sphinxes, one black and one white, look in opposite directions and represent opposing forces. But depending on whether it is reversed or upright, it can hold two different meanings. If so, you should learn moderation so that you do not harm those around you or cause your efforts to backfire. You have discovered how to make decisions in alignment with your values with the Lovers card, and now you are taking action on those decisions.

He drives through the force of his will alone. You may home in on the intentions that align with your Higher Self. Have you declared war on somebody, as dressed for battle, you ride out to conquer all? • Finding direction in life Don’t be a passenger in your own life, focus and take your control back! ( Log Out /  The Upright Position of The Chariot Tarot Card: The Reversed Position of The Chariot Tarot Card: The Chariot Tarot card is the arcane of triumph, speed, will, and courage. Spell Jars, Spell Bottles and Candle Magick: When to fix, repair, throw away or start over. For more of her work, visit her website. If you are the kind of person who likes to have some control over your destiny, it is time to tighten the reins. In the image, we first notice a strong and confident warrior inside of a chariot where there are numerous divine symbols (crescent moon, crown, laurel, square), all representing strength and success; in order to achieve this, there was a spiritual transformation. The charioteer stands tall – there’s no sitting down for this guy, as he’s all about taking action and moving forward. Success can yours through self-discipline and control. Next we’ll see how the astrological sign Cancer is connected to The Chariot.

These sphinxes once again represent duality or opposing forces. You need to take control of your own destiny and not let outside forces determine your path. • Weakened will power Depending upon whether the Chariot comes out upright or reversed, we can see a dramatic difference in the path we should take — from seizing an opportunity to knowing when to step back. The Chariot signifies that you can overcome the pain of your past and move forward in your love life. Change ). Learn how your comment data is processed. The laurel and star crown signals victory, success and spiritual evolution. One shall keep up with the hard work and dedication if he wishes to succeed in life. When this fear takes hold, it is important to remember that you have the ability to move and to use your creative skills. Redefine your aggression as determination and willpower.

I love this analysis thank you! One is black and one is white which is a reminder of the pillars in The High Priestess . His battle dress suggests that he is prepared to put in the necessary hard work to do just this. If starting a new exercise program remember: slow and steady wins the race. How does he control his chariot we may well ask? Others are waiting to see what you will do with it.

UPRIGHT CHARIOT MEANING. Reversed, the Chariot card asks us to slow down and take our time. Don’t give up but work to reconcile any opposing forces in the relationship it will be worthwhile. He is dressed in battle attire and holds a wand in one hand. It instinctively protects us from being like The Fool Tarot card, who is about to fall off a cliff without realizing it. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. In the Rider Waite Smith Tarot, The Chariot is often depicted as a charioteer in a chariot, part of his wheels in water and two sphinxes (black and white) that are under his control without the use of any reins or harnesses. It can also represent travel (usually involving driving) as The Chariot is after all a mode of transport. Keyword & Phrases Meanings of the Chariot Card – Upright, Keyword & Phrases Meanings of the Chariot – Reversed, Working with Ragana, Baltic Goddess of Witchcraft and Death. The Chariot tarot card - upright meaning: When the Chariot card lands in the upright position it may predict a gift or the purchase of some form of transportation. He is master of his own destiny as he drives his chariot forward. The Chariot along with The Moon card and any of the Cups Court Cards represents the sign of Cancer. I was wondering if you could send me one of your recent spreads , that I can interpret and compare with your analysis? • Moving to a new home Upright meaning keywords: Overcoming obstacles, success, persistence, strength, control, ambition, intelligent effort. Then ask yourself: Is there a deeper reason things have become more challenging? It could even be that your own excessive ambition or ego have blinded you to what is happening in your life. Don’t worry, if you maintain your focus, you will be successful! If you or your partner anxiety issues, it is crucial to get these under control as The Chariot Tarot also represents the need to balance the mind and heart to be successful. This man is tenacious and doesn’t give up. I’m still not sold….but I can’t help myself, either I’ve been hesitating to ask the tarot, but decided just to go for it.

• Problems or delays with moving to a new place

Enjoy the excitement of a new relationship and take time to get to know your new love interest without piling on the pressure.

You have set your objectives and are now channelling your inner power with a fierce dedication to bring them to fruition. On each card is an image, a number, and a corresponding name. A chariot card is about moving forward on to the right path with a positive intent. In front of the vehicle sit a black and a white sphinx, representing duality, positive and negative and, at times, opposing forces. • Intuition congruent with rationality He must not doubt himself or his abilities, he must not let the sphinxes know of his fears. With the Chariot card present in a career reading, it signifies there is great ambition. One his shoulders rest crescent moons with blue faces. This armor also represents his defense against the lower forces. Just be mindful not to become so over-focused on ticking the boxes of what you expect to experience on this spiritual path that you close yourself off to the unexpected. Copyright). Privacy and Terms. If your partner uses logic as emotional armour, you may need to get around their defences in order for your relationship to work.

It can also mean that we will be physical moving, and represents we will win at any sort of competition. • Left and right mind thinking / balance You need to use your willpower and self-discipline to concentrate on the task at hand. When The Chariot reversed you are still moving but you have let go of the reins. Do not allow yourself to worry about what is out of your grasp as you cannot change it now. Be more disciplined and focused on what you are doing and why you are doing it. Take focused action and stick to the course, no matter what challenges may come your way – because, believe me, there will be challenges. When this card appears, we have faith that we can act in the world, and that we will have help from the spiritual realms for our endeavors. Note how the sphinxes are pulling in opposite directions, but the charioteer uses his willpower and sheer resolve to steer the chariot forward in the direction he wants. The Chariot augurs well for success in competition or sport. In front of the vehicle sit a black and a white sphinx, representing duality, positive and negative and, at times, opposing forces. Or check out the rest of the Major Arcana or Minor Arcana in The Tarot Guide for free tarot meanings online! The Chariot Reversed Tarot Card Card Keywords.

Don’t let negative thinking take over. If you look closely, you will notice that while it appears this warrior is driving the chariot, he actually holds no reins, only a wand. Put any worries aside and maintain your focus. Behind the chariot flows a wide river, symbolic of the need to be ‘in flow’ with the rhythm of life while also charging ahead toward your goals and intentions. Perhaps we have been so enthralled with someone that we have rushed into something, or we are just excited to have reunited with an old flame.

The most important people in history are not remembered because they were millionaires or powerful. Victory and success, but as a result of hard work and determination. When involved in teamwork, make sure you are all singing from the same hymn sheet. Now we will rush forward full speed ahead to master and conquer this world.

Or maybe, he, like the crab, has his defences up for some reason or other. But the Chariot is an invitation to draw upon your willpower and home in on what’s essential to you, so you can push past the obstacles in your way. The Magician Upright  The Magician Reversed, The High Priestess Upright   The High Priestess Reversed, The Empress Upright   The Empress Reversed, The Emperor Upright    The Emperor Reversed, The Heirophant Upright    The Heirophant Reversed, The Lovers Upright     The Lovers Reversed, The Chariot Upright   The Chariot Reversed, The Wheel of Fortune Upright   The Wheel of Fortune Reversed, The Hanged Man Upright   The Hanged Man Reversed, Temperence Upright     Temperence Reversed, Judgement Upright      Judgement Reversed. Calming your mind, breathing, and tidying up your thoughts are all parts of the path to recovery. The Chariot Tarot card represents conquest, victory, and overcoming obstacles through self-confidence and self-control.