It's one of the possible customizations for our ultra-compact Oasi 540. Wingamm è l'unico caravan in grado di confrontarsi con le condizioni di viaggio australiane". Via Nassar, 40 SS12 Brennero 37026 Settimo di Pescantina (VR), Cataloghi e listino prezziProva su stradaNoleggioAppuntamento in concessionarioUsatoManuale di uso e manutenzioneDocumenti del veicolo, /* ----------------------------------------- */ Oasi is our most extensive and longest-standing range: it has constantly evolved over time with the introduction of increasingly advanced technology, design and fine details. The Oasi 690 is one of our flagship ranges featuring high standards of luxury. Oasi is our most extensive and longest-standing range: it has constantly evolved over time with the introduction of increasingly advanced technology, design and fine details. body lengths of just 5.25 m) for the last 40 years, and consider a length of 6.10 m to be perfectly practical and exciting thanks to our clever designers. A ciò si aggiunge l’offerta delle più moderne features in ambito di sicurezza legate alla motrice e la chiusura centralizzata di tutti gli accessi e gavoni. Latest second hand Wingamm motorhomes for sale. background-color: #212121; No mouldings, external profiles or externally mounted hinges.

Progettiamo e realizziamo tutti gli arredi su misura per ogni singolo modello, ottimizzando al massimo vivibilità e funzionalità. Kitchen with hob, sink, 3 way fridge, cupboards and drawers. On the outside you can experience nature, on the inside you will appreciate the luxury, the design the meticulous use of space, all crafted for your comfort. The Oasi 610 range includes  models, each with very different interior layouts plus a range of variants. box-shadow: 0px 0px 0px 0 rgba(0,0,0,0); The models of the Oasi 610 range have an entrance door and external hatches fitted with the “Safety Block System” central locking utilising the added security offered by using the base vehicle’s automotive-standard locks. Unique Features. } .gm-style .gm-style-iw-d::-webkit-scrollbar-track, .gm-style .gm-style-iw-d::-webkit-scrollbar-track-piece { Spacious RV with 4 fixed beds, delicate design and Wingamm’s unique Floor Comfort System. Thanks to the small size and aerodynamics of the monocoque in fiberglass driving comfort is unmatched, especially on long journeys.. The dinette table, oval, is fixed on a translator to be able to move it to the desired position. Spacious shower room with vanity unit, mirror, wall cabinet and cassette toilet.Overhead lockers, wardrobe and cupboards. The Wingamm experience is perfect for adventurous, travel-happy people who want to enjoy unspoilt nature, experience the history and traditions of ancient villages, go to more unknown destinations off the beaten track, and follow alternative routes - safe and comfortable in a high-quality motorhome. Un’esperienza di guida agile e silenziosa limitando al massimo vibrazioni e beccheggio. Via Nassar, 40 SS12 Brenner 37026 Settimo di Pescantina (VR), Catalogs and price listRoad testRentalAppointment at the dealerUsedUse and maintenance manualVehicle documents, /* ----------------------------------------- */ .gm-ui-hover-effect { The contemporary design and strong lines of the monocoque bodyshell, the Fiat Ducato cab with a 4.035 mm wheelbase with a modest overhang, a wider rear wheel track and 16” wheels highlight the majestic presence of Oasi 690 models. Wingamm exports ’vans from its base in Italy to various parts of the globe, and there has been growing interest in its Micros.

... WINGAMM OASI 540 C - Duration: 2:39. The garage is 100% airtight, designed with bright ivory-coloured fibreglass to make it extremely sturdy and easy to wash. We don’t believe in fitting carpet to storage compartments like a garage, where it would get dirty, wet and deteriorate, so instead we prefer a more solid and resistant covering for “heavy-duty” use! The sinuous, bright and light furnishings are designed to obtain the most functional use of space and unparalleled comfort. The fabrics to customize the living area can be chosen from precious jacquards. Thanks to Wingamm technology you no longer need to worry about these issues in your motorhome. WINGAMM MICROS VOLKSWAGON T5 for sale. Before viewing this exceptional motorhome we recommend visiting thw Wingamm website at and view their video. A unique and refined design wrapped in small dimensions for adventurous couples who enjoy touring holidays, exploring villages and destinations off the beaten track, without compromising on style or comfort. Select all search criteria that you require. The ultimate winter protection. Ultimate Winter Motorhome. our technology in a nutshell. What’s more beautiful than traveling light and compact and with everything you need ? Bed which lowers down on a patented mechanism. I vani toilette superano davvero le aspettative. WINGAMM OASI 580P Semintegrale usato Caravan Schiavolin - Duration: 0:59. /* ----------------------------------------- */, Play OASI 540 Vehicle: Fiat Ducato Euro 6D Temp Length: 5,420 mm Rear overhang: 1,472 mm Wheelbase: 3,000 mm Steering […].

The result of this, and of our continuous product development, is the innovative and expressive style that Wingamm has become so famous for. Giving you total peace of mind. All entrance doors and external hatches of our Oasi 690 models are fitted with the “Safety Block System” central locking giving the added security of utilising the automotive locking system of the base vehicle.

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