At the moment though the base isn’t as strong as it should be, and the chute can be quite easily soft-sided as it is stone. Before we get onto the build, I want to say another massive thank you to everyone who’s subscribed. You can now go ahead and seal your tool cupboard and furnace with a window frame. On the second floor, we have a few boxes for secondary loot, as well as a very neat shooting gallery providing angles right over your front steps to help fight against door campers. I think they should just remove the stupid window bars on the reinforced glass window, or at least remove the horizontal bar that's always in the way, blocking the view. Just keep metal bars in a small box below the window. This window... addon?

uMod is a universal modding platform, framework, and plugin API for Unity, .NET/C#, Unreal, and C++ games So thank you. I think the reinforced window would be great if it could be opened and closed (with TC permission). Sleepy Astrum Aureus 510 pts. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Dg is the founder and co-owner of Corrosion Hour, a niche gaming community established in 2016 focusing on the survival game RUST. They provide more cover, and strength than its metal and wooden counterparts. One of the things that makes this base design great for wipe days is that the initial build does not require any blueprints, but allows for a clear upgrade path as you acquire the proper upgrades. However, on the bottom side only place one large box and leave out the small box as it blocks the placement for the roof seal. For now, a double door should be used. As a community leader and server owner for over 15 years, he spends much of his time researching and writing guides about survival games, covering topics such as server administration, game mechanics, and community growth. Two more wall frames should be placed upstairs, and then seal off the rest of the base. This base does not have space for a permanent research table. In the core itself, we have a workbench, plenty of main storage for solo, plus the tool cupboard, and one extra furnace behind a glass window. Today I’m bringing to you the Deithwen. The largest community for the game RUST. Before placing boxes, remove them all and place garage doors first. Rust Labs is a reliable database for the video game, Rust. It provides weekly updates and revised statistical information for items and game mechanics. With that, you’re here to watch this video! Be sure to browse Willjum’s past RUST videos and don’t forget to subscribe to his channel for alerts on his latest work! What this does is create a really nice shooting gallery with a 180-degree view. In the chute, we have three furnaces, and the undrainable shotgun trap is preventing people from jumping straight down.

What this does is block the chute’s access from above, forcing any raiders to either spend a long time soft siding the wall or blowing straight down through the roof. In the window frame reinforced glass windows should be placed, and then two doors frames, and sheet metal single doors. Close off the triangle with walls, and put a double door frame right in the center. On the top floor place a half wall and a triangle, and then remove the half wall and place a wall frame. The Reinforced Window Bars are the highest-teir window bars. Window. At some point during the wipe, the tier one can be replaced with a tier two. However sometimes placing the small box can block your access to the tool cupboard, so you might want to leave that blank.

He is an active and contributing member of numerous other RUST communities.

That is the Deithwen base. You can now go ahead and place the two triangles at half height.

-Costs 250 metal frags + 150 stone (depending on the building material you choose for wall frame), -Less health - only needs 1 C4 and 2 satchels to break down, -Less wide view due to the shape of the window, -1% chance of being found in a normal crate, 0.5% chance of being found in elite crate, +Only costs 50 metal frags + 210 stone (depending on the building material you choose for window), kinda sux, less cost is useless if you don't have the bp until you already have more than enough materials to make tons of shop fronts, If you wanted to switch a window from Unshootable to Shootable at will, this is what you would use. This should be placed in twigs and you can destroy it later. The Deithwen High-Efficiency Duo RUST base design video is provided by our partner Willjum. The two things this item has going for it over a shop front is that you can also put on wood shutters on the inside that you can close if you want some privacy and that you can take them off the window frame. Then on the front-facing side place four half walls and then triangle on the top. Reinforced Glass Window --Not a default blueprint-Less health - only needs 1 C4 and 2 satchels to break down -Less clear view due to window bars-Less wide view due to the shape of the window-1% chance of being found in a normal crate, 0.5% chance of being found in elite crate +Only costs 50 metal frags + 210 stone (depending on the building material you choose for window) kinda sux, less … As you play the wipe, make sure you replace all double doors with garage doors. This RUST base design will cost approximately 15 rockets to raid directly to the tool cupboard and require more to access the entirety of loot spread throughout the base. The roof steel bunker provides a little offline raid protection, as it forces raiders to either soft side the metal wall or blows straight through the metal roof, wasting their time and resources. uhm you cant shoot through windows can you? Although this base is ideally meant for a solo, you can also place a second bag for a teammate inside the airlock. Shotgun traps can also be placed at the top of the chute, and at the bottom of the chute. Above the chute is space for a large box and another small box. There’s also room for friends sleeping bag. Place two full-height walls, and then a furnace to access your top floor.

Two more wall frames should be placed upstairs, and then seal off the rest of the base. However, in order to reach the 15 rocket cost, you will need both garage doors and reinforced glass windows. The sleeping bag can be placed right in the center. Tool Scrap; Research Table ×500: Work Bench Level 3 ×1,000: Tool Max Repair Cost Condition Loss Blueprint Required; Hammer ×7 ×5-No: Garry's Mod Tool Gun ×7 ×5-No: Recycler Yield; Recycler ×10 ×3: Explosive Melee Throwing Attacks Guns. Due to its High Quality Metal cost the Metal Embrasures are often used and the bars are reserved for covering Armoured Windows. So what you’re going to want to do as quickly as possible is upgrade this full core to sheet metal. As quick as possible we’re gonna want an airlock. Making it open-able would definitely make it worth using over the metal shop front. I know you can remove it, but it would be better if it just opened like shutters or hinged at the top or bottom.

Now very importantly, upgrade the triangles surrounding the tool cupboard to armored, along with the ceiling, and the adjacent ceiling. So what we’re going to do is extend the base by another two triangles.

you can remove it with a hammer. Destroy the bottom two half walls, replace it with two low walls. 75 Reinforced Glass Window; 20 Sandbag Barricade; 20 Small Water Catcher; 75 Watch Tower; 20 Wooden Barricade Cover; 125 Wooden Ladder; 75 Bed; 20 Chair; 75 Drop Box; 20 Fridge; 20 Kayak; 75 Mixing Table; 75 Bucket Helmet; 75 High Quality Horse Shoes; 20 Jacket; 20 Longsleeve T-Shirt; 20 Miners Hat; 75 Pants; 75 Riot Helmet; 125 Roadsign Horse Armor; 75 Shirt; 20 Snow Jacket; 20 T-Shirt; …