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- Fixed game crashing bug when killing pack horses. Mo' Creatures Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. This is done to allow trade of amulets without losing a taming spot on servers enforcing ownership. Undead pegasus can fly, and undead unicorns retain the ability to charge at entities. The result of setting the horse spawn rates to maximum.

Medusa • Stingray • To successfully breed a pair of horses, these rules must be followed for the entire process: The result of a successful breeding will be a foal (a baby horse) after about 5 minutes.

There are three breeds in the third tier. Armor will also come off the horse if a scroll of freedom is used on it. They also fly a bit slower than a pegasus.

Health points Wild Wolf •, Big Golem • - Fixed: appear and vanishing animations on horses. Mules are sterile and can be equipped with a chest, but not horse armor. Death Fly • Attempting to do this on a tier 1-3 horse will have no effect. - Changes made to decrease lag caused by horses. Mini Golem •

When riding a horse, the hunger bar is replaced by the horse's health in survival or adventure mode when the player is riding it. There are also a handful of rare special horses that require both breeding and items in order to obtain them.

A trail of fire that was made by a nightmare. A tier 1 horse that was obtained by breeding a palomino snowflake horse with a brown Minecraft horse. - Horses won't be attacked by wolves if the player suffers from fall damage.

A zonkey resembles a zorse but with longer ears, and also makes the same sounds as a donkey. 5 You can tow as many horses as you want., Wild nightmares spawn in the Nether. Giving any of the four essences to a zorse creates the special horses.

Ghost amulets are used for catching ghost or flying ghost horses.

It's possible that this horse is a pegasus with a missing texture. Nine of these are obtained by cross-breeding the five common horses, and their offspring, in various combinations. It is necessary to tame a horse in order to breed it, give it equipment, or ride it for any length of time. Mouse •

Turtle • They cannot be recolored.

The last tier, these horses are the last and most important breeds. - Decreased damage of unicorns after jumping. Shark • Wild Wolf •, Big Golem • - Fixed bug with nightmares when animate textures was set to off.

The player won't be burnt from the fire unless they get off the horse. Like undead horses, skeleton pegasus can fly, and skeleton unicorns retain the ability to charge at mobs and players. In Minecraft 1.6, horses were added to the game, and share the same models as horses from the mod. They are also needed to obtain a fairy horse by breeding with a pegasus with an essence of light. For instance, to breed the grey and white spotted horse (2nd row down, 6th column), a Minecraft white horse and Mo' Creatures black horse are needed. Light levels of 7 or less. Very handy to construct while riding a pegasus. Foals can be given bread to speed up their growth slightly until they are an adult. - Fixed typo in one of the horse sound files.

- Ghost horses are now named when they spawn. The second tier. Wild nightmares spawn in the Nether. There must not be any other horse within 8 blocks of the breeding pair. Silver Skeleton • Entity ID Bone amulets are for catching undead horses, undead pegasus, undead unicorns, skeleton horses, skeleton pegasus and skeleton unicorns. Horses have a 25% chance of being replaced with a ghost horse when killed. From 8 to 35 different breeds.

Scorpion • Once a horse is tamed and saddled, the player can control it with standard directional controls, spacebar, and the mouse. If a player comes near, the horse(s) will turn to look at them. Horses come with many unique features and markings. There are five breeds of horse in this tier.

Like unicorns, a pegasus can be healed by giving it an essence of light. - Fixed game crashing bug with undead horse animations. The pair of horses must not be more than 4 blocks away from each other. Hellrat • A tamed undead horse showing signs of decay and becoming a skeleton horse.

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A bat horse is a black flying horse that can blend almost perfectly in the night sky. Big Cat • Horses remain passive and do not react to being hit. Crab • It uses a slightly different heart texture than the player's health bar. Stingray •

Maggot • Horses are one of the fastest land mobs, though they cannot fit through single block-wide openings.

Keep in mind that breeding horses will not always create the horse you desire, and will sometimes produce a horse that is the same type as one of the parents. Health points - Fixed game crashing bug when breaking horses in water or lava. IdleHurtAttackingDeath Unicorns have the unique ability to charge at mobs if a whip is used on them. -You can now offer bowlsoup to the horses in addition to pumpkins for reproduction.

However, if the player is far away from the breeding pair after the foal has been produced, it will be wild and the player will have to tame it. If the unicorn or pegasus was saddled, armored or equipped with a chest, those will be dropped, as well as any contents of its inventory. To breed a Minecraft horse with a horse from the Mo' Creatures mod, you need to give the Mo' Creatures horse either a pumpkin, mushroom stew or cake. If a horse has a chest, a horse’s inventory can by accessed by sneaking and then right-clicking on the horse. The undead horse, undead unicorn or undead pegasus will only be temporary, however, as their skin will begin to rot, creating a skeleton horse, skeleton unicorn, or skeleton pegasus after several "stages" of decay. Shark •

Height: 1.6 Blocks Width: 1.4 Blocks Baby: Varies with age. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Minotaur • Occasionally, when a skeleton shoots at the player whilst riding a horsemob, it will shoot the horsemob, even though its aiming for the player. To get a light grey or white horse, pair up a white, To get the buckskin horse, breed both a palomino snowflake horse and a bay horse. Roach • Roach • This includes the palomino snowflake horse, grulla overo/grullo horse, and bay horse. Small Fish • Big Cat • Duck • After giving the two parent horses the food items necessary for breeding, you must stay in the Overworld.

Attack strength If used on a unicorn, it will gain the ability to charge at mobs for at least 10 seconds.

Deer •

[Source] Wild Wolf •, Big Golem •

Scorpion • Scorpion • - Added new server '/mocspawn' admin command which allows the player to spawn any type of horse instantly. If you go into another dimension, the baby will be wild and will need to be tamed like other horses. Cricket • A unicorn is a special horse obtained by using an essence of light on a nightmare.

- Mo'Creatures horses renamed as wild horses. Komodo Dragon • Wraith, Bear • This indicates that bats do not require a large cave to spawn, but large areas do have a much higher chance of causing them to spawn. The player can instantly breed the two parent horses as soon as the foal has been born, but the player has to move it to another place first. Werewolf • A ghost horse is a translucent horse that has a chance to spawn after a horse dies. There are four types of horse amulets, each one can be used to capture different kinds of horses. - Fixed game crashing bug related to horses and jukeboxes. Small Fish • Flying ghost horses are grey in color, and can be obtained by killing a pegasus, a dark pegasus, a bat horse or a fairy horse.

Tamed bat horses won’t burn if exposed to sunlight. Rat • Ant • Snake • Ogre • Ant • Many food items will reduce temper by different amounts.

Turns a tamed horse, mule, zorse, zonkey, nightmare into an undead horse, or a unicorn or pegasus to create a undead unicorn or undead pegasus. - Fixed bug with bat horses wing animation. Mules, zonkeys, pegasus, dark pegasus and fairy horses can be equipped with chests. The player dismounts using the shift key, and descends using the descent key (Z) if they are on a flying horse. - Fixed bug when obtaining a white fairy horse. Snake • Goat • Equipment can be placed on a horse by right-clicking on the horse. Medusa • Manticore • When a tier 4 horse has been bred, breeding can be taken a step further to tame/breed/create the many types of special horses that this mod has to offer. Tamed undead horses, undead pegasus or undead unicorns won’t burn if exposed to daylight. A pegasus can move faster and fly a little quicker than a bat horse, and is also needed to breed a fairy horse. I tried to right click the boat so I could pilot it, but every time I tried I ended up on the back of the horse again. Wyvern, Chimpanzee • It is advised, however, that you should be careful when riding a nightmare when it has its ability activated, as it may set houses or buildings on fire.

Kitty • Lower clearance risks suffocating the rider if the rider's head enters a non-transparent block. These horses changed the spawning properties of Mo' Creatures horses, which made some breeds harder to obtain than others.

Horsemobs are hostile variants of horses. A zombie pigman riding a nightmare in the Nether. When a player is riding the horse, a random number is chosen. Horses cannot fit through a 1-block-wide gap. A donkey could be equipped with a chest, and could be also breed with a horse or zebra to create a mule or zonkey. Crystal horse armor can be placed on ghost horses. - Fixed spinning bug when mounting horses.

- Baby horses look smaller. Horsemobs, with the exception of nightmare horsemobs, will burn and take damage in sunlight, unless they are in water, a dark place such as a cave, or under the effect of a fire resistance potion.

The horse and rider can safely fit through a space as low as 2.75 blocks high.

They'll perform a "shuffle", and will continue to do so until the music is turned off. It has green eyes and a grey coat with black patches. Any horse, even a wild one (except for horsemobs), will allow itself to be attached to a lead. Typically, the objective is to breed at least one or two tier 4 horses in order to begin breeding special horses. Manticore • Ogre Prince. An essence of undead can also be used on a bat horse to create an undead pegasus, which then loses its flesh and becomes a skeleton pegasus. So the horse seems to take up both "seats" in the boat.

Bats can spawn in groups of 8‌[JE only]/2‌[BE only] in the Overworld at a light level of 3 or less on opaque blocks below layer 63, they also need at least 2 air blocks. Skins include rotting-green (undead/zombie), skeleton, black (bat), and red (nightmare). This can also work with a brown, To get a blood bay horse, breed a dark brown, To obtain the mahogany/dark bay horse, breed a grulla overo horse with a black, A black horse can be obtained by breeding a nightmare, fairy horse, unicorn or pegasus with a black, A pegasus, unicorn, nightmare or fairy horse can be bred with a grey spotted, To get the palomino tovero horse, pair a grulla/grullo overo horse and a white/light grey, The grulla/grullo tovero horse can be obtained by breeding a dappled grey horse with a white/light grey, The bay tovero horse can be obtained by breeding a grulla/grullo overo horse and a brown, A black leopard horse can be obtained by pairing a grulla/grullo tovero horse with a black, A black tovero horse can be obtained by breeding a bay tovero horse with a black, The horse spawn egg shares the same texture as the.