Posted over 14 years ago (edited over 14 years ago). He's registered here and on Rare Witch Project but I've never seen him actully say somthing. Hi, i’m TheAmazingWorldOfRoy aka the guy who owns the channel that “skatter24481” commented on. However, due to delays in getting the 64DD to market, the project was shifted again to the standard Nintendo 64; the 64DD would be a commercial failure upon its eventual release in 1999. An improvement hack that corrects spelling/grammar mistakes, restores censored graphics, makes the game easier (the original is very hard), replaces the font with a more legible one, and other changes to improve the overall experience. Pfft, just by how they responded… it loses all credibility. January 14th, 2014 | EarthBound 64, Rumors. Nobody pays that amount of money for something he is only vaguely interested in. At the time, English-language press coverage about the game claimed that it would receive an English localization like its predecessor, under the name EarthBound 64[2] The title has since become used by the public to specifically refer to the 64DD/N64 version of Mother 3, so as to differentiate it from its later incarnation on the Game Boy Advance. Boxes were expanded when necessary for easier reading with the new English text. He replied saying so you are the one with the Mother 3 disks? Translated cancellation interview with Shigesato Itoi, Shigeru Miyamoto, and Satoru Iwata. Because you never know when your internet friend is actully a 37 year old pedofile. Wow, I didnt think this topic would get all these responses. Other aspects of development were shortchanged as well, as Iwata stated in an interview regarding the development of Mother 3 for Nintendo 64, "any normal project has a trial period where you make a sample product and get the green light based on the response. EarthBound / Mother 2 had two major events which pointed to the possibility of a sequel: first off was a sign in front of a building that said "Planning Meeting for EarthBound 2".

Mother 3(JPJapanese: マザースリーRomaji: Mazā Surī) is a role-playing game created by Shigesato Itoi and produced by Nintendo. So it doesn't look good. Earthbound 64 Rom? How do we not have this yet? We could put up an ebay auction and you could win it. I think if he does get Mother 3 out of it the next step should be making it into a ROM for all of us to play. One more thing, he didn’t seem to do his research. I mean, look at Resident Evil 1.5. Miyamoto said that he, “had an idea of working on a 3D Mario for snes from working on starfox”, not that one was even started. Rewrote the main page content and HTML, got some different screenshots in there too. He sounds like just another troll. However, despite initial promises of a localization in 1999, the final release of Mother 3 was never released outside of Japan, presumably due to a combination of EarthBound selling poorly in the United States, Mother 3 being released late into the Game Boy Advance's lifespan (two years after the release of the Nintendo DS and the exact year of the DS Lite's release), and content in Mother 3 that could potentially spark sociopolitical controversy, including criticisms of capitalism and the depiction of the Magypsy characters as non-binary stereotypes. I like to keep mine like that. You would only see such transitions in a trailer.

Of course he probably can’t since he supposedly got rid of it years ago anyway. It's seriously okay Jeff. As for the setting, Shigesato Itoi stated that "there’s a strange world that you can’t quite decipher between the middle ages or the old west, and in the end you realize the circumstances of what made it so strange. In an interview, Satoru Iwata estimated the game was about 30% complete, while Shigeru Miyamoto believed it was approximately 60% complete from a programming perspective. I honestly wouldn’t honestly be surprised if there was a prototype for MOTHER 64 and sold for around that much. What if it was 2 years later and Corey finally read what's on the disks. Review. Maybe. Development apparently went astray when Iwata was unable to be on sight to act as a director/"game-play manager".