maknae- i cant deside that m age will do that. Cause i really bad at dancing. (Ex: Blackpink). Face of the Group: Only if there was someone else who can promote the group better than me. Rapper – YES.

Lead Vocalist: I can sing, but I’m not too advanced. THE VOCALISTS My bias is V. But i dont agree with u except for V’s voice better than Jimin, because (sorry) I think Jimin’s voice a little bit like girl’s voice. Vocalist – I keep practicing notes maybe I be in Sub Vocals or Lead Vocal but I don’t know maybe a vocalist not sub or lead and main cause my voice cracking up but they said to me I need some practice and good rhythm I do a lot of the people I care about but I have no clue if I could handle being in the front all the time. Face of the Group – eH i guess ? English Name: Brian Kang Main rapper – I love writing songs, and my rapping skills are good. -maknae, im 2 old for maknae.

Visual: I’ve been told by my Chinese friend I fit the standards. You boast sooo well. But if my friends done something wrong, they would get scolded. Face of the group – Just for the popularity. My friends and I were chatting about what our roles in a kpop group would be, I’d be the maknae and a rapper, but rap nearly autocorrected to eat so now I’m just the eating maknae. Center- whatever Can’t stop laughing. Ps, not an Army, but I do listen to a lot of BTS songs since No more dream. another position , main dancer and main rapper because i’m a good dancer in their own perspective and that they think i’m a good rapper so yeah~, There are backstage dancers such as Rap Monster from BTS or Jin because they don t dance that well, My group said I’m the maknae because I’m the youngest and also the Main vocalist as well as Main dancer because I’m the only one who can sing and I always dance, LOLOLOLOL! Because I look in the mirror.

People say I am good looking, but I find others more attractive, so it is a no for me. I guess I could be the lead dancer because I’m good at dancing, Main vocalist –

Some groups don’t have any leader. Also you don’t really need a deep voice to be a rapper. dancer – BRO yesss i would probably be lead dancer though The Sub Vocalist (Sometimes also simply the Vocalist) supports the Main and Lead Vocalists and can get fewer singing lines. The Vocalist- Same Maybe cause I’m ok at singing. I don’t think Jimin can even reach below the 3rd octave. Sitemap The youngest person I saw there was probably a little boy who was like .. maybe roughly 13 or 14, the oldest looking was a tall, skinny girl who looked about 21ish. Face of The Group – I think I’m suited to be the face.

Face Of The Group – I’m not suited for this as I’m like 75% introvert and 25% extrovert. -main dancer, i do ballerina, and also part of my college dance project. Kpop Boy Group Profiles Is it necessary to train for that long? So many that we had to separate them into two pages. Visual – Totaly N O. I look ugly. Just use a voice that you feel comfortable with. – He and his group of friends had won 1st place in a Math Dance Competition in Canada. Maknae- im the youngest

It does help if they’re main vocalist, main rapper, or main dancer, but in some cases, they’re only lead, or less (A Pink’s center, Naeun’s, positions are lead dancer, sub vocalist, visual, and center).

Kpop Quizzes Sometimes the leader can be the member who was a trainee … i’m not maknae because i’m always in the middle,i’m born on september- 22 -2004 but i’m the oldest child in my family. visual: yes, many people say that I’m beautiful & I have a unique appearance and I think so too

Poll: Which VAV Choreography is your Favorite? Center: Nope! Maknae – I’m usually in the maknae line of my group of friends so that could be possible. Lead Vocalist – I have a pretty good voice, I just need to figure out better breathing control techniques plus I can’t reach high notes easily which is why I wouldn’t consider myself as a main vocalist. I’ll probably be the Main Rapper:Cause i rap really fast Main dancer:I’m ten years old but I can do a lot of hard moves Main Vocalist:I’m growing up so my voice becomes more mature but right now I can sing like Red Velvet Wendy. I can be the leader I’m good at leading Lead rapper because I’m good in rap but not as main rapper Face of Group- My friends like putting me out there and calling me whenever I am need so I guess so. i am the leader,the rapper and the face of the group. Main Dancer-i luv dancing =3 my friends and family say I am and I’m also great at learning choreos quickly. what about 2nd visual? I’m the youngest out of the grandchildren & nieces and nephews on my family.

Thank you :) – Forums: lilmeowmeow ♡, Kpop Girl Group Profiles Kpop Discographies BEST MAKNEA – YUGYEOM So I could be mistaken as the oldest but my personality will prove to you that I’m not. Lead dancer-i actually can dance according to my best friend who is a really god dancer Mostly likely, yes. Maknae – I have always been the youngest among my friends. Jin Taeyeon trained at a separate academy before becoming a trainee at an agency. Maknae – Na, I’m never the youngest anywhere I go. Suggestions, About Us -Sub-Rapper. How long exactly should one train for? You two take the long bus ride to this unknown company you have no idea what is called. Jimin can reach high because he’s a high tenor, but if he is better than V, then why is he straining?

Poll: Which Songs in October 2020 were your Favorites? (vocalist only not main/lead). visual-a lot of people say i’m pretty so yeah, but i don’t think i’ll be fotg cause i’m kinda shy in public

I’ll be sub dancer like the ones that stands at the very back like when everyone is in a line I’ll be the one in the back

Think about it, why is most main/lead vocalists always the one who sings the highest?

Maknae, cuz i just want to be the youngest

probably lead tho because it takes me some time to learn and memorize moves/steps, Face of the group- Nah, I’m not very good at talking to people but I do enjoy it, Visual- Probably, just depends on weather that’s where I get placed. V’s lines in every song are predictable and similar. Leader: NO THANKS because where I grow up, people tend to put the leader at fault whenever the group does something wrong, even though the leader has nothing to do with it Sub rapper: I can rap, but again, not too advanced in this area. The maknae is usually associated with being cute and shy, but not always. Visual- People call me pretty, especially my friends but I am not pretty enough to be visual well depending on how my friends feel on that. J-Hope is supposed to have trained in dancing since he was 7-8, so he’s been dancing for about 15-16 years now. It would probably take me a while to perfect the whole choreo. Dancer – Pfft! And maybe lead dancer? Center – Every then and again, I think if I was in a group, the center would change around through out the choreo and all. Just because Jimin have more vocal range(which I doubt so, Jimin can’t hit the low notes), it doesn’t mean he’s better than V in singing.